Nobody likes Infomercials

by James Glaser
October 9, 2002

President Bush was on TV Monday night trying to sell to America his vision of a war with Saddam Hussein. ABC, CBS, and NBC decided that this President's messages have fallen into the Infomercial category and Americans would be no better off with the information Bush had for them, so they never ran the President's speech.

Too many times President Bush has given less than honest tales to the American citizen and the "Big Three" have now said "enough is enough." In the Past Bush has cited reports that later were found to not exist and has slanted reports to fit the facts he hoped they would. Monday night was more of the same.

"Iraq could decide on any given day to provide a biological or chemical weapon to a terrorist group or individual terrorist." "Could" is the word George Bush was fond of that night. Yes, Saddam "could" give these weapons away if he does have them. Bush went on to remind us that Saddam is a power hungry dictator who seeks total control. (no I am not going to say that sounds like our President) Well anyone that wants total control, never gives away powerful weapons to people that they have no control over. On top of that, terrorists including Osama bin Laden have publicly come out saying that they don't like Saddam, "he is a bad Muslim."

George pulled at the heart strings with, "We have seen that those who hate America are willing to crash airplanes into building full of innocent people. Our enemies would be no less willing--in fact, they would be eager--- to use biological or chemical or a nuclear weapon."

Hey. That is probably true, but George is twisting the facts again. The subject is our proposed attack on Iraq. Those that flew the airplanes in the September 11th attack were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. George Bush has been friends with the "House of Saud" since he was a young man and will never say anything bad about them, besides they are rich.

One more time---- America gave Saddam everything he needed to create biological and chemical weapons and when he was "our boy" he used them in his war on Iran for us. We knew it and said nothing, Iran also used these same weapons. This was almost like America, Germany. And England in WW1. We also used massive chemical weapon attacks in Vietnam and tens of thousands of our own troops and tens of thousands of Vietnamese suffer to this day, because of those attacks. Many of the children of those exposed to America's Chemical Warfare in that war are now suffering from many hereditary infliction's.

This statement in George Bush's presentation has been repeated so often by his administration that Americans believe it as truth. Once again Bush has claimed that "Iraq barred the Inspection Teams from the International Atomic Energy Agency Commission back in 1998" and that is why inspections stopped. The truth is that those inspectors and the whole UN Special Commission were taken out of Iraq by the UN when it became clear that the United States under Bill Clinton was going to bomb Iraq. America could not guarantee the safety of the inspectors. Yes, America did bomb the heck out of Iraq in December of 1998. I don't know why they didn't bring the teams right back in.

It looks like the three top Television Networks in America have decided that President Bush's calls of "Wolf" are getting old and not even important enough to put on for the American public to see. I have become jaded by the President's repeated distortions of the truth. Americans should be able to trust the President and not have to "check out" every thing he says.

I think United States Representative Jim McDermott has said it best "This President is trying to bring to himself all the power to become an Emperor to create Empire America."

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