There Are Many Forms Of Terrorism

by James Glaser
October 16, 2002

I think that nut case in Washington killing people at random is a real pure terrorist. I can see no political or social cause that he or they are expounding. Killing just to kill can only produce one result and that is terror.

I understand those that attacked us on September 11th and why suicide bombers from Palestine continue their trade, they have a motive, sick to be sure, but I can understand their actions. To just pick some one out to shoot, makes no sense to me at all.

There are different degrees of terrorism. I think that America, by letting eight and a half million illegal workers into our country is a form of self inflicted terrorism. Those of us at the lower end of the pay scale keep wondering how Washington can keep minimum wage so very low, which also keeps all other wages from rising.

It is pretty easy to see what is happening here. There are millions of third world workers in America that will work for dirt wages and no benefits because compared to what they made at home they are rich working here. American workers it is said won't do the jobs these foreign workers will. Well not at those terrible wages and conditions. Foreign workers can't complain or they are fired. No, American workers won't take those jobs for that pay and those conditions, nor should they. Corporations can treat these illegal workers like dirt because of their fear of deportation and those corporations know it.

In my way of thinking our country is turning a blind eye to all of these people flooding into our country and keeping the wage scale low is a true form of terrorism by the American government and the large corporations that hire these people.

No body is doing any thing about this because it only effects "poor" people and politicians haven't thought of them for decades. Yes, that includes the Democrats. Both parties are thinking these new people will vote for them after they get citizenship. Do you think George Bush sounds as dumb in Spanish as he does in English? George wanted to make every illegal Mexican a citizen this last year.

Now that America has squandered our great economy and there are hundreds of thousands of our own citizens that have lost good paying jobs, maybe we should be looking at stopping the H-1B visa program. I am sure you all remember that program. Major corporations told the government that we had to let foreign workers in to our job market because there were not enough skilled Americans.

This all started back in 1990 and we started letting in 65,000 a year. Now we are up to 195,000 foreign workers a year and we have a large surplus of trained American workers out of work. I say when Americans are out of work, we should send those workers on a visas home and employ our own people.

Corporations don't like hiring Americans here in America because just like those at the bottom, American workers at the top want good pay and benefits. H-1B worker are inexpensive skilled labor. These foreign workers can't move from job to job looking for better pay and benefits. In the 1800s these same workers would have been called indentured.

Most of these H-1B workers are here looking for citizenship and will stay with what ever corporation first hires them, while American workers will move to a better paying position which can drive up the pay scale for skilled labor. Corporations want to keep pay as low as possible and with the help of Congress, they have found a cheap pool of employees

As more and more "American" corporation hire tens of thousands of foreign workers, those American citizens in higher paying skilled jobs will see their pay scale deteriorate as these foreign workers take their jobs. Another factor that U S workers are finding today, it is harder to find work when over a million foreign workers are here taking those same skilled positions.

By keeping foreign workers in America, legal, like in the H-1B program or illegal, those that swim the Rio Grande to get here, the end result is the same. Congress and large Corporations have found a way to, yes, terrorize the American work force.

That is what is happening in America today and if you don't think it is true, wait a while until you or a loved one gets replaced by a foreign worker. Unions always have "Buy American" campaigns. I think what we need is a "Hire Americans" campaign.

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