It Looks Like Terrorism Is Here To Stay

by James Glaser
October 24, 2002

I hate to say it, but I feel as long as George Bush stays on the course he is on, Terrorism will be our number one headline for years to come. America has come to under estimate the intelligence of the rest of the world.

The rest of the world knows that when we want to stop a country like Iraq from having Atomic Weapons, it really should be America that gets rid of their Atomic Weapons. Yes the rest of the world knows that America is the only country on this globe to have used Atomic weapons and we killed half a million civilians when we did.

The rest of the world knows that America gave Iraq everything it needed to start a biological and chemical weapons program. And yes, the rest of the world knows we looked the other way when Iraq used those weapons in its war with Iran. Yes, the rest of the world also knows we were supplying Iraq with the weapons needed for that war.

The rest of the world in not as dumb as George Bush would like to believe. The Rest of the world knows that America is after the control of the oil market. Our dependence on oil is no secret nor is Americas dependence on cheap cocaine and other drugs a secret either.

Other nations look at Washington telling the world how they want to save the Iraqi people and America can't even save their own people. Just about all industrial countries have universal health care, but not America. Most countries have stopped the death penalty, but not America. America has more of its people in prison than any other country.

Other nations look at America's election system and ask how we can call them free elections? Florida is going to have the same inspectors for this November's election as third world countries have, because thousands of voters were not allowed to vote or their votes were not counted.

The rest of the world looks at America and says get your own house in order before you tell us what to do. The rest of the world looks at how Israel, with American arms and money has subjugated the Palestinian people for over fifty years.

The rest of the world looks at American troops stationed in over 60 other countries. These other nations can count countries around the globe whose dictators and despots are propped up with American arms and money.

The rest of the world can see that America won't sign the Land Mine Treaty nor a treaty to give rights to children. No, I don't know why that is and either do these other countries

The rest of the world now knows that America feels justified in attacking anyone they "think" might attack us and that we have stated that no one will be allowed to build up their nations armed forces to a point that threatens us.

Yes, the rest of the world knows that America has not even tried to talk to Iraq on any subject for eleven years and that George Bush has made no attempt to talk to terrorists and get their reasons for attacking out in the open and to then figure out how this terrorism can be ended.

America will have to get a little smarter and yes, less cocky because terrorists don't care how powerful we are and they know our actions speak much louder than our words. The world is small and everything we do is out in the open now.

We can take on the world with George Bush and be threatened with ever lasting terrorism or we can change our ways and live with the rest of the planet. "Do as I say not as I do" does not work anymore. Neither does "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." Countries that support terrorism will tell Washington whatever they want to hear, just look at Saudi Arabia.

Wake up George!

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