Is America Losing It?

by James Glaser
October 31, 2002

No doubt about it, America is now the worlds greatest super power. America is stronger militarily than any nation has been in history. One problem though, President George W. Bush does not know how to handle that much power and is causing the rest of the world to oppose the United States in any way that they can.

George Bush has told the rest of the world that America will not allow them to challenge America's Military domination. The rest of the world doesn't want to challenge that domination, but they will now try whatever they can to deter the United States in whatever we want to do.

Think about it one time. Here is this big rich guy (the USA) and he is always telling you what to do and if you don't do it his way he pounds on you. Well you know you will never be able to get the best of him, but every chance you have, you flatten his tires, trash his yard, anything so you can to get back at him a little bit. Well that is what every nation on this globe is going to start doing to America, just to get back at Washington for their arrogance

Now just about every country on this globe is thinking about getting their hands on a few nuclear weapons as they can see with Iraq and North Korea just how important that is. Iraq has no Atomic weapons, so George Bush is ready to stomp that little country, while North Korea with the bomb can tell America what it wants to talk about and Georgie Boy sits up and listens.

Every country on this globe sees this and wants the respect that Weapons of Mass Destruction bring to those countries that have them. George Bush has created an arms race like no other. Power went to Bush's head and he blew any advantage that America had before he became President.

Now every country, not out in the open, but behind the scenes is doing whatever it can to poke a stick in America's eye and who can blame them? Every one knew that America was the super power, but President Bush has had to flaunt that power and make other countries fear America's might. That fear turns to anger and we lose cooperation in the process.

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