And The Democrats Still Don't Get It

by James Glaser
November 7, 2002

On Tuesday it wasn't the Republicans that won the election, but the Democrats that lost. Americans are still looking for someone to vote "for," but once again it was people voting against a politician

I can not tell you how many times people have said to me and working people that one would assume would vote Democrat, "those Republicans at least trust me enough to own a gun." The Democratic Party still has not figured out just how many Veterans, sportsmen and women, and just plain folk that want the protection a firearm there are.

Every Veteran that has been overseas knows what a country can get like if the government has all the guns. Hundreds of thousands of good old boys that hunt and shoot would vote for a Democrat if they didn't threaten to take their rifle away from them.

There are tens of thousands of guys like me that never use their guns, but really cherish that right of ownership that is so plainly granted in the American Constitution. It doesn't matter that George Bush could be stomping on other parts of the Constitution because we all feel that as long as we have the "right to bear arms," we still have the means to stop government tyranny, if it gets too far out of hand.

There is another class of people that can not understand where the Democrats are going. Those are the people born in America and that is quite a large portion of this Nation, but it is getting smaller. Americans want their politicians to worry about Americans and for way too many years we have been hearing Democrats tell us about what a great contribution immigrants have made to this Nation,

Well that is true, but dog gone it we don't really care about that right now. America is awash in illegal immigrants. Every where you turn people are speaking in Spanish and we can't understand what they are saying and dammit, we don't like that. People speak English here and if you don't like that, then you probably are a Democrat in many people's minds.

Many people are upset that so much of a schools budget is taken up with teaching immigrant children how to speak English. Not only the budget but precious teaching time is used up with several languages in the class rooms.

Many people believe that children should be in special schools to learn English before they enter the regular public school system. This is common sense and sorry to say that is lacking in the Democrat Party of 2002. Democrats are just a little too worried that immigrants get their fair share, but forget about Americans kids and what would be fair for them.

Now don't get me wrong and think that I expound the Republican line as Republicans believe just about the same as Democrats, they just don't say it. Republicans are looking the other way as millions of illegal people flood into our nation too.

The rich and those that want to be rich in America love to hire these poor people that sneak into our country because they can pay them dirt, treat them poorly, and most importantly make MONEY off their labor.

If Washington kicked out every illegal immigrant there would be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs to fill and those employers would have to pay a decent amount of money. Republicans would feel real bad if that happened.

I believe that Republicans are Democrates with suits on and they have just a little more on the ball. They don't tell you everything that they are doing and they sound more "American." Wave that flag!!

The Grand Old Party has two years with both houses of Congress and the White House too. It is "put up or shut up" time. Fear of terrorists and concern for personal safety has put the Republicans in charge, lets see what they do with it.

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