I Want A Team Too

by James Glaser
November 14, 2002

Everybody wants a team to cheer for. A team that you can watch the stars make their moves and watch how the rookies develop. The Republicans have George Bush along with Donald and Dick, John, Condalezza, and Colin. The Democrats have, well right now the Democrats don't have anybody, just a lot of people in the Hall of Fame. But I don't have anybody, not even a team.

There are millions of people like me. I did vote, but most of us "teamless" people didn't even do that. George and his team think they have a mandate, but 20% of the eligible voters is hardly a mandate. The Democrats are all depressed by this last election, but if you look at the numbers they are still about 48% of the government. Democrats are either really hyper or down in the dumps and this is dump season.

I was thinking about what kind of team I would root for and I guess it would have to be an American team. One that worked for people and not Business. Oh yeah I can just hear some Democrats trying to say something about now, but just forget it. Democrats take money from the same people that the Republicans do, just smaller checks.

I want a team that reads the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I want a team that puts America first, not revenge wars with old adversaries. I want a team that helps poor people in other countries right after they help poor people in this country. I want that team to help their parents, not pharmaceutical companies.

I want a team that believes if a company comes up with a medicine that can save mankind they should make hundreds of millions, not billions. I want a team that doesn't end their government career and go to a career in corporations.

Strange as this sounds, I want a team or if you like a government, that treats all people with respect and is looking out for the good of mankind. I want my government to be thinking about people and not money and power.

I want my government to help other countries so much that their people won't want to come to America because they can see a honest future in their own country. Help with water, education, farming, medicine, and industry.

I want a government that makes war the very last resort and a government that never sells one gun nor one bullet. I want a Government that believes in God, now is that novel or what? Hey as long as we are reaching, I want a government that is honest and there are no secrets on my team. I want a President that thinks he is no better than me and a Congress that votes up and down on every bill, with no attachments.

Tell me if you see that team.

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