by James Glaser
November 27, 2002

I Am One Of The Seventy Five Percent Of Americans That Didn't Vote Republican

I heard that line today on the radio and said, "I am too" George Bush never won the popular vote, nor was he even close to 50% of those that voted, and he only got about 25% of those eligible to vote. So mandate is not a word he should even think about.

That "Republican" line was used on a program talking about the mandate the new governor of Minnesota thinks he has. Tim Pawlenty our new Republican governor received I believe 44% of the 60% of Minnesotans that went to the polls. So now in America you don't even need one half of the people to win and a good twenty five percent of the voters makes you feel good. America's elections are like those we had for class president, when I was in high school.

This from the Charley Reese column----Paul Begala, the Democratic Party's chief wit, came up with a good line the other day. Commenting on the fact that Iraq had gassed its own people more than a decade ago, invaded Kuwait 12 years ago and attempted to kill George Bush's daddy nine years ago, he said, "President Bush must be watching the History Channel and think he's watching Headline News."

Let's face it, Saddam has not caused any trouble in the last nine years while America has bombed the Balkans, destroyed anything left in Afghanistan, and has kept up almost a weekly bombing campaign in Iraq.

If you read the "Osama bin Laden letter" I put out yesterday you can see that we have been able to get Osama as mad at us, as George is at Iraq. Who knows if that letter was written by Osama, but most Muslims believe it is authentic.

What comes out and is no surprise is we got attacked because of our middle east policy. Everyone in the whole world except maybe the American public now knows that America is a puppet of the Israeli government. Israel is now out to destroy the Palestinians and will say so openly. America's unquestioning support for Israeli policy makes it easy for those in the Muslim world to hate us.

Israel is pulling the strings on this American need for a war with Iraq and Areil Sharon has said in public, Iraq is just the first step and next he will have George attack Iran.

In our local paper, the Northome Record, there is a weekly column by Kathleen Parker a woman so Republican that she wanted to canonize George Bush. This week Kathleen has been having heretical thoughts about Homeland Security and if she keeps this up there might just be that knock in the night asking to see her papers.

Kathleen writes "As Homeland Security heats up and federal officials consider extending the governments plans to ---oh, lets just go ahead and say it---spy on Americans, patriotic citizens who value civil liberties might want to start practicing a few words that could prove useful in the coming weeks and months: Not no, but hell no!"

As Kathleen goes on to say, we better start saying that soon in the direction of Washington, D.C. And as this new domestic surveillance plan takes shape, at the Pentagon too.

Now if any of you people that read this have children or think that some day you just might have children then start writing Washington and ask your parents and brothers and sisters to write too. Friends and coworkers, aunts and uncles could be of help. Remember George Bush only got about 25% of America to vote for him and none of these ideas about homeland security or domestic surveillance were talked about during the campaign You are in the Majority and these moves by Bush are BIG Mistakes if your thinking about the freedom of your children and theirs. So step up and take a swing, Spend about $3.70 on ten stamps and let the elected officials know how you feel about you freedom. E-Mail works, but is not as effective as a personal letter.

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