And Just Where Is That Compassion?

by James Glaser
December 4, 2002

Here we go again. Now we as a nation are about to give Israel a twelve billion dollar Christmas present and they don't even believe in Christmas. Meanwhile back in the USA we have 1,000,000 homeless people living out on the streets or in shelters.

In the city of New York alone there are 37,000 people a night homeless. In 1998 there were 4,429 families a night sleeping in shelters in New York, but today that number has swelled to 8,925 families and uncounted numbers who sleep outside.

Billions to Israel and children in America sleeping outside. You can say that it is their parents fault or that the money their parents are making is not enough to rent an apartment, but no excuse works. What matters is we have kids, American kids living on the streets or living in shelters and they are growing up with a real bad attitude about life.

What happened to Compassionate Conservatism? You know the President knows about these kids, he just doesn't care about them. This President calls himself a Christian. What a sick man he is. As President he has the power and money to help these children. Get them a future, make them part of the American dream, but no, he is to looking the other way and lets them live like scum.

I wouldn't lay this on the President except he is the one that talks the Christian talk about helping your fellow man, but he doesn't walk the walk. Just a few words from George could change the lives of every homeless child in America.

We as a nation have to start looking at our own backyard before we start telling the rest of the world how to live. Congress just spent a whole year on getting a homeland security bill passed and at the same time over a million citizens have lost their jobs which brings the total of jobs lost during the Bush administration to two million.

The latest Census Bureau report states that in the last year 1,300,000 Americans have slipped below the poverty line in the last year. That means that 11.7 percent of all Americans are living in poverty and for the first time in the last decade medium household income has declined.

George Bush should be looking to help Americans and stop playing around as a international mucky muck. We have lots of problems right here at home we can all work on. There is no reason that America cannot solve this problem of children living in shelters and on the street. All we need to do is focus our attention right here in America.

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