Liar, - They Are Liars!

by James Glaser
December 9, 2002

Every politician on the Sunday TV programs told America that the 11,099 page document given to the UN by Iraq was filled with lies. Not one of these men had seen even one page of the document, but they already decided that it was a bunch of lies.

I have no idea if what was written by Iraq was true or false, I just don't know, because I haven't read it yet. These politicians can say it is a big lie because they just know. This is kind of like how they vote on laws. Not one of them had read the Patriot Act before they voted to pass it, They "just knew" it would be good for America.

Now if we as a nation were always honest with the rest of the world, then we would be in a position to point fingers, but we haven't been.

We have over thrown many democratically elected governments. We have sold arms to terrorists and then gave the money we received for those arms to other terrorists. Yes, those terrorists did kill thousands of innocent civilians in South America. In fact our nation has a school, it was called the School of the Americas, we changed the name because that school became so infamous. Hundreds, if not thousands of the alumni of that school have gone on to torture, rape, and kill the people of their own countries. They have killed Bishops, Priests, and Nuns. They have killed young kids, old people, and everyone in-between. We taught them how, just like we taught the Secret Police in Iran how to torture and kill their people.

I don't feel good about writing these things about the country I love, but they are the truth. The rest of the world already knows about these things and when our leading politicians start telling the world that a document they haven't even read yet is a lie, the rest of the world thinks about our lies.

Earlier this year George Bush wanted to attack Iraq, but agreed to go to the United Nations and ask for their help in finding out if Iraq has as George Bush called them, Weapons of Mass Murder. Two weeks ago the weapon inspectors started their job in Iraq. Now our politicians tell the world that they know without a doubt that Iraq has these weapons. The inspectors ask Washington, Where? Washington refuses to tell where these weapons are.

The rest of the world thinks we are weird, but they don't call us liars because they don't know if that is true, Yet. Saddam might be lying, or he might be telling the truth. We don't know. We haven't read the document yet.

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