Saddam Is Calling George's Bluff

by James Glaser
December 11, 2002

This last Sunday the Iraqi Government gave the United Nations a 11,099 page report that Iraq says proves it does not have weapons of mass destruction.

This report is a "call of George Bush's bluff" and so now it is all up to George, he can show them or fold them. If President Bush doesn't have the proof, then he has been out foxed by Saddam. If he does have the proof then it is the end of Saddam.

President Bush has told the world that it is not up to America to prove that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, but it is up to Iraq to prove that it doesn't.

George Bush has claimed over and over again that we have the "proof" that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction. But our proof like so many other things in the Bush administration is a secret.

Iraq, the weapons inspectors in Baghdad, and members of our own Congress are all asking President Bush to show us what he knows. Bob Graham, the chairman of the US Senate intelligence committee has said, "Just as John F. Kennedy had to come forward with information about Soviet missile sites in Cuba in 1962, Mr. Bush needed to come forward with information about Iraq."

Senator Thomas Daschle said, "put our best evidence forward, especially if it's a question of Saddam Hussein again denying all of these assertions." The inspectors have started to complain publicly that their search has been frustrated because Washington will not tell them where they know the weapons are.

This search for weapons in Iraq is a international effort and it was George Bush that insisted that the United Nations take on this weapons inspection program.

The election is over here in the USA and now it is time let this Iraq question come to a head. All we have to do is show the world our "Proof" and they will back us it disarming Iraq, with force if need be. Lets end it now.

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