Saddam Lied, So Lets Start Killing Some Iraqi Kids

by James Glaser
December 16, 2002

America has tens of thousands of troops sitting on Iraq's border, planes and equipment sitting at the airfields we have invested millions of dollars building, and the seas near Iraq are filled with the American Navy. George Bush and his War Lords are looking for any reason to pounce on Iraq, a nation whose military budget is less than one half of one percent of ours.

President Bush is telling the world that Iraq's 11,099 page report has information missing and that is a material breach, so we should start a war. The fact that President Bush has never seen a real war nor the aftermath of one allows him to make a stupid remark like this.

America has had many wars and conflicts because we didn't like the actions of the leader of another country. During every one of these wars we have managed to kill and maim countless children, their mothers and fathers, and the sick and elderly. Very seldom do we actually punish the leader that has offended us.

President Bush, on any number of occasions has told the American people and the world how very evil Saddam Hussein and his government are. We have been told that Saddam is an absolute dictator that crushes any sort of opposition by his people and the use of torture is rampant.

Now this same President Bush is not only willing, but eager to inflict more pain and suffering on the very Iraqi people he wants us to protect, by attacking them and killing thousands.

In the last Gulf War by the first President Bush we were able to kill over 150,000 men, women, and children. In the years since that war in which we destroyed most of Iraq's infrastructure, we implemented a sanctions system that has denied Iraq the materials to repair their water and sewage treatment plants. The diseases from unclean water and raw sewage has caused over a million deaths, with over 500,000 of those coming from children under the age of five.

This current President Bush, having zero experience with warfare can now cavalierly ask the world to kill countless thousands more of the very people that he claims to want to help. President Bush believes that "smart bombs" are smart. Because of this lack of experience in any war this President Bush believes that precision guided weapons are precise.

As in any modern American war we know thousands of innocent Iraqi people will be killed no matter how careful we are. The deaths and suffering of more children and their parents will do nothing to protect America and only create more hatred.

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