Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Men?

by James Glaser
December 18, 2002

It is the right season for these words, but there really isn't thay much Goodwill in this world and chances for Peace look mighty slim. Our President is doing everything he can so that America can start a new war on top of our current War on Terrorism.

Goodwill is out the window and if you don't agree with President Bush, then you are considered a terrorist. America does not even wish Goodwill on her citizens, in fact all citizens are under a cloud of suspicion and the rights that every American held so dear are being taken away.

My parents left me a free country and I hoped that I would be able to leave the same to my children. It doesn't look that way right now, but what can we do?

Well in this truely Christian time of year where all mankind should be thinking of peace and how they should treat others, we have a responcibility to work for a better world. Every year at this time we buy or make our loved ones gifts, but this year we could change part of that tradition to helping this world in the name of those you love.

I am not about to recommend a web page or a peace organization that you sould give to, just go to Google and search for "Peace sites." You will see that there are hundreds and it wouldn't hurt you to read about some to make your choice.

Working for peace is working for God no matter what religion you belong to. Send a little money or better yet, give some of your time and money for those you love and you will be giving some, Goodwill to Mankind.

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