Peace On Earth Sounds So Good

by James Glaser
December 25, 2002

The only way we are going to get that Peace on earth is through Divine Intervention, so say a prayer that God opens George Bush's mind to all the suffering that any war will bring and open his heart to helping those in need.

Say a prayer for the troops where ever America has sent them and pray for their families that are so very stressed with their loved ones heading off to war.

Pray for the homeless people all over this country and the world and hope that the rest of mankind is willing to help those who have nothing.

Say a prayer for the several million young women that make all the toys and Christmas decorations that we in America buy. Pray that they can get safe working conditions and will not have to work and live like slave labor for our benefit next year.

Say a prayer for all the families of those killed in terrorism and the families of those innocent people killed by us in our wars.

Say a prayer of thanks for all God has given us and tell God we will try to do better with his gifts in the future.

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