I Know It Is Hard To Believe, But Barack Obama Can Have You and Your Children Killed...And It's Legal
by James Glaser
February 7, 2013
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Here is the deal. President Obama has decided he has the power to kill any American citizen any place on earth, including here in the USA if he thinks you or your children are a threat to our country. It doesn't even have to be an immediate threat. President Obama does not have to talk to a judge, offer any proof to anyone, all he has to do is tell the CIA to blow you or yours away.

The crazy thing is that he has already done this.

Of course you and I might not think this is legal, but do you really believe that you or I count anymore here in the 21st century America?

The other day one of the parents of a student at Sandy Hook School where 20 young children were killed was testifying to Congress about his thoughts on gun control. He talked about how Congress is protected with armed guards, and how he was frisked before being allowed to enter the building.

I believe that rich people, like congressmen and women, think all Americans live like they do. They have the money to send their children to private schools, like the President and Senators do, where their kids are guarded by armed guards.

However, if you are poor, or if you are middle class, you have to send your kids to the "free" public school where there is no money to protect your children. If only you worked harder and had more money, your kids could be safe, too. Oh, by the way, did you know no assault rifle was used in that Sandy Hook shooting?

So here is what is going on as far as I can figure it out. Rich people are safe here in America. They have guards protecting them at work, and if they are really rich, they have armed guards going to and from work with them. Their loved ones live in gated communities where they have their own armed security force, and that armed security is right there all the time with only one job... to protect the people living in that gated community. Really rich people have their own gated compound, and they don't have to share the security they pay for with anybody.

You and I have 911, and we can call 911and wait until somebody comes to help us. We pay for that with our taxes. If something else is going on when we need help, we wait in line.

Rich people like the way things are set up now, but they worry that the masses (you and me) are catching on to how things work, and we are not liking it one bit. The rich see unrest just around the corner, and it worries them. They don't like to worry.

The rich know that many, maybe millions of us have some pretty nifty weapons, and that scares them too. So, the rich have told the people they have put in Congress to get those nifty guns away from us.

You see if the rich have security forces with more powerful weapons than what you and I have, they feel pretty good about that, but they know with equal fire power, it comes down to numbers, and there are a lot more of us than the security forces protecting the rich.

Now I bet you are thinking this is crazy thinking, and I would agree with that. It is crazy right now, but things for most Americans are heading down hill.

Obamacare sounds oh so good, but with another 30 to 40 million new people in the medical system with no new numbers of doctors or nurses, heck not even more hospital beds, things are going to get tight. That means more and more pissed off people. Of course the rich will be able to afford private care, so they have little to worry about.

Our national debt keeps going up, and even now President Obama is asking Congress to kick that can down the road one more time. Sometime in the future (some say soon, others a few years) it will become time to pay the piper. Taxes will go up, and services will go down. The rich know they can take a hit, but can you or I?

Yes, things have not hit bottom yet, and I don't think we will see shooting in the streets for years, but the rich are rich because they know how to plan ahead, and getting our best guns away from us and deciding the President can legally kill any American he thinks is dangerous is a big step in their self-protection.

The middle class has been losing ground since the 1970s, and I don't see anyone in our government championing the middle class' cause. Washington and our politicians are owned by the rich. They could see this day coming, and so they planned ahead and bought our government a long time ago.

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