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Letter To My High School

It Isn’t Always the Killing

Sitting at The Geezer Table

It’s Hard for Me to Figure Out

Getting Old

45 Years Using the VA

There Are Many Ways to Fight a War

I Sure Wish I Could Back Donald Trump

Burning Shitters


A Letter to Scott Camil

Sometimes It Gets Lonely Being Antiwar

It Is Probably Best To Avoid War

The Younger Generation Sounds Like My Father

Political Columns for 2016

I Heard Them Cheer

We Do Have a Class System

Racism—Is It Here to Stay?

The Talking Heads Are Not Our Friends

It Is Hard To Be Anti-War

Getting Mentally Ready to Go to a VA Appointment

Unintended Consequences

Uncle Bob

Always Thinking About War

In Sharp Focus

Veterans and Suicide

Political Columns for 2015

Shaking Things Up Would Be Good

Some Veterans Figure It Out, Some Never Do

It’s The Money

Thinking About the Police

Old Men and Their Wars

Power Corrupts

Memorial Day Weekend Is a Hard Time for Veterans

Waiting Room, Gainesville VA, April 24, 2015

We Supply the Weapons

Wouldn't You Be Scared, Too?

Whose Truth Are You Believing Today?

Thinking About Our Longest War Ever

'Oh, We Are So Proud''

Veterans Talking

Political Columns for 2014



I Hate Veteran's Day

Yes, Virginia, There Is Medical Marijuana

It Has Been a Long Time Since We Have Repelled an Attack

VA Hospital Update

Washington is Pointing Fingers Again, But do They Have the Right?

The World Is Going Crazy, and the White House is On Vacation Mode

There Are Some Real Drawbacks to Growing Your Own Tomatoes

It's So Hard To Explain How Veterans Feel About The ''VA''

There Is A Love-Hate Relationship Between The Veterans Administration and Veterans

So Disturbing, I Can't Comprehend It

I Guess You Never Quit Thinking About It

Rethinking Minimum Wages

Like Kids On a Playground

Everybody Is Asking Me For Money

Political Columns for 2013


Standing In the Middle and Looking Both Ways

What Is Wrong With Us?

To Be Honest, I Don't Care

What Kind Of Attitude Would You Have?

What Happens When the American Public Finds Out What the Rest of the World Knows?
We No Longer Wear the White Hats

There Are So Many, Where Do You Start

It's That Tomato Time of Year Again

I Don't Buy It Any More

So Young, So Foolish

Obama's Gun Control Stance Is All Politics

I Am Sick of Veterans Who Wave the Flag and Send Others Off To Die

Where Did All The Great Presidents Go?

Taking Highway 90 Across Florida

Is It Ethical or Moral To be a Sniper?

I Know It Is Hard To Believe, But Barack Obama Can Have You and Your Children Killed...And It's Legal

Your War Never Really Ends

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