Where Did All The Great Presidents Go?
by James Glaser
March 6, 2013
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Yes, I am proud to be an American. The American people are good people who help out those in need, and they are probably the hardest working people in the world. We have a great history, and much of that history is filled with great men and women who were willing to give their all for the betterment of our country.

However, when it comes to politics and government today, I believe our greatness is behind us. Now we seem to think that we should rule the world, and we are attempting to do so with very little care for the value of life when that life is not American. In fact, now our government and our leaders are ready to kill anyone, American citizen or foreign national.

If you think back to what we have named The Greatest Generation, that is, those who fought in WWII, you might ask what did they do so well that they are called great? Well, they were great at killing. In fact, we killed people in WWII by the millions. Ever since that time our country has associated greatness with war and killing, and we have stayed in an almost constant state of war some place on the globe since that war.

Another thing we learned from World War II is that some Americans get rich from our wars, and those people who get rich spend some of their profits to lobby Washington to keep us in a state of war so that their profits continue.

If our United States ever had a time of peace, unemployment would jump high and those who make billion$ from our wars would not have that steady source of income they and their families have become accustomed to for generations now.

As much as we are taught the contrary, we must admit that we are a warrior nation, and we fight wars. If we can't find a war, we will make up one. Afghanistan is a great example. Afghanistan had no army, no navy, and no air force, but that did not stop us from attacking them. We are now in our 13th year of combat there having first attacked them in 2001.

I was trying to think back to our last great President, but he must have been before my time. Just recently we had George H. Bush, who started a war in the Middle East with Iraq after our Ambassador told Iraq, "Go ahead, attack Kuwait if you want to." They did, and then we freaked out.

Then there is Bill Clinton. His administration killed 500,000 Iraqi kids, and when asked about it, they admitted they did it. They even said killing all those kids, "Was worth it." Yes, they DID say that.

Young George W. Bush started a war with Afghanistan that is still going today, and also started our second war with Iraq, and in this Iraqi War, it is reported we killed over a million Iraqis.

Now we have Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize president, who has kept Bush's war with Afghanistan going for five more years and counting, and has introduced his drone warfare attacks to many countries around the globe. Obama claims he is trying to kill terrorists, but 50 civilians are killed for every terrorist that is killed. Obama seems to have a fondness for killing children and has kept that up at a steady rate.

Then as I think back to other Presidents, I think of Ronald Reagan trading arms to some terrorists in order to give arms to other terrorists in the Iran Contra affair. Then there is Jimmy Carter who never could figure out why the people of Iran freaked out and captured our Embassy and held all our people hostage because Iran had suffered years of the CIA teaching their secret police how to torture Iranian people, and how we kept our puppet dictator, the Shaw of Iran in power over them.

Nixon? Need I say more than that name?

Lyndon Baines Johnston lied to all of us and got us into the Vietnam War with the phony attack on our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin

Before that I was too young to really know or care what our presidents were doing, but when I look at those who were around for my adult life, Republicans and Democrats alike, they are a pretty slimy bunch, and not one of them has done our nation proud.

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