I Don't Buy It Any More
by James Glaser
May 29, 2013
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I gotta tell you that I am sick of people on the left getting up in arms and yelling, "Racist" because somebody makes a comment about Barack Obama. It is no more racist to make a comment about a half black president, than it is racist to say something about a white president. Did you ever hear white people calling black people racists when they criticized George Bush, Nixon, FDR, or any other white president? No, because before Barack Obama came along, every American knew that every president was open to shots, cheap or not.

I thought George Bush was a horrible, terrible President, and check my columns, I wrote about how terrible and horrible he was for eight years. I think Barack Obama is a terrible, horrible president. In fact, I have thought that about every president we have had since I left Vietnam. Now you Democrats don't give me that shit about how great Bill Clinton was. Clinton helped kill over 500,000 Iraqi children, and his Secretary of State went on "60 Minutes" and admitted to doing it. Clinton also helped kill a bunch of children at Waco.

George Bush lied us into Iraq and got us to attack about the most pitiful country on earth when we went after Afghanistan right after 9/11. Of course none of the terrorists who attacked us came from either Iraq or Afghanistan.

I am so sick of Democrats telling me that Afghanistan is Bush's War when I call it Obama's War. Yes, it was Bush's war when he was in office, and you could say it was his war for a while when Obama took over. But wake up people! Barack Obama is in his 5th year as President and he not only bought into Bush's War, but he made it his war, years ago. Barack Obama, like George Bush and Bill Clinton, is really into killing innocent infants and children, along with their mothers and fathers. Obama knows every time he sends out a drone to try and kill somebody on his KILL LIST, chances are very good that his drone is going to kill some precious children. It happens a lot. Personally I think our presidents gets off on killing yellow and brown children, especially if they are Muslim. If Barack Obama didn't like doing it, he would make some sort of an effort to spare those children.

It really doesn't matter if our President has white or black skin, and Barack Obama has proven that. Black or white, Democrat or Republican, they are all owned by the Military Industrial Complex, and they will do whatever it takes to keep war profits flowing to the Defense Industry.

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