What Happens When the American Public Finds Out What the Rest of the World Knows?
We No Longer Wear the White Hats

by James Glaser
July 10, 2013
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The rest of the world does not look at the United States through the media filter that we look through. The rest of the world actually gets to see the dead bodies of American troops and the dead bodies of the little children we kill.

When we shoot down a wedding party, the rest of the world gets to see photos of those slain. When an American drone fires a missile on a group of teenagers including a 16 year old American, the rest of the world hears about it the next day, while we are kept in the dark for weeks, maybe months.

Right now the world is abuzz about how Washington carries out spying, not only on American citizens, but on the whole world. They look at it as the evil empire doing what they have always done, while most Americans are aghast.

Most Americans still think we are the good guys, and that our armies fighting all around the globe is what is keeping the world from running amok. It is hard for Americans to understand that most of the countries that fought in World War II have stayed away from war for close to 70 years now.

Because of a media run by Washington, most Americans don't even understand that we have stayed on a war-time economy, while the rest of the world has been trying to live with a peace- time economy.

Americans fail to acknowledge that the United States sells more arms to the rest of the world and that we spend more on our own military than most of the rest of the world combined spend on theirs. Call it denial I guess.

We have millions and millions of Americans building military hardware. Yes, most of the world knows we are the Merchants of Death in today's world, but our media does its best to keep us in the dark. Meanwhile, the rest of the world can watch their news, and if there is something that puts the United States in a bad light, it will be on their nightly news.

Have you ever Googled a story about something that Washington has done in a foreign country that seems to be wrong or evil? I challenge you to try it. Chances are you can search all day and not find one major news outlet covering the story. You'll find all sorts of blogs and web pages with names you never heard of commenting on what went on, but no source with a "credible sounding" name. Our mainstream media doesn't even refute these stories, as that would bring some sort of credence that they actually happened.

But let's wake up and smell the coffee. Those horrible atrocities are happening. Americans can live in denial all they want, but the momentum is building. More and more Americans are becoming aware and awake and alarmed. One day, and I hope very soon, the majority of Americans will accept the fact that we are not the noble, virtuous good-guys that we thought we were. That majority will soon wake up from their dream-world of American flags waving over the school-yards and patriotic songs of their youth. The reality is that we no longer wear the white hat of the good cowboy, but have traded our white hats in for the black hats the bad guys always wore. We are now the bad guys.

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