Like Kids On a Playground
by James Glaser
January 30, 2014
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I watched President Obama’s State of the Union Tuesday night and then channel-surfed to listen to how the different commentators interpreted his words. I came away with thoughts of my grade school playground.

Barack Obama went out there and told the country how great things are going, but that he had some ideas to make everything better. He said his ideas were the way to go, and if the Republicans didn’t agree, he was going to do them anyway. Everyone applauded.

On my grade school playground, if you were looking to start a fight, you would tell somebody it was your way or no way, and usually the fists started flying right then. Well, the men and women in our government are too polite or too chicken to start throwing punches, so they sit there and smile and clap even when they don’t want to, because they might be caught on camera giving a dirty look—heaven forbid.

After every fight on our playground, for the rest of the day there would be talk from the backers of each proponent about what started the fight and who got the best of the other. Some of those kids could have grown up to be commentators about the politics of today.

The news shows are not much different. Even though we know Fox is conservative, and MSNBC is liberal, they both bring out pretend commentators who try to make you think they are looking out for the other side. Even PBS does this but with two pretend voices one from each side, but both are so weak in their convictions they say almost nothing.

When Barack Obama became President, I guess he thought he was the big man on the Washington playground. He thought the election gave him that right to bully and bluster. The only thing he forgot is that every other politician was elected, too and felt about the same way. Right off the bat the Republicans started trash talking to President Obama, and let’s face it, they got to him.

Barack Obama did not grow up on the playground or the hood. He didn’t know how the give and take of trash talk goes. Obama grew up with the rich kids and smoked dope and snorted coke with them. I bet when he came to Washington he believed his "superior intellect" would make everyone else fall in line behind him. What he didn’t anticipate is that many of those politicians were the toughest guys on their playgrounds, and they could see Obama was a push over who they could rile up so badly he wouldn’t be able to play the game...and that is what they did.

So, Obama still knows how to talk, but those Washington politicians and most people in America know that is just what it Yeah, there is still those Democratic Party Faithful who would back their President no matter what he did or didn’t do. But most of the "kids" on our country’s political playground know Barack Obama is all talk and no action.

Kids on the playground soon learn if a guy back-pedals and starts talking shit (lying) that he is not the kid they want to follow. That is what America had discovered about President Obama. Yes, this "great rhetorician" who some have dared to compare to FDR, Lincoln, and King knows how to give a speech, knows how to talk, but when it comes to actually leading America, to use a phrase, No, he can’t.

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