Shaking Things Up Would Be Good
by James Glaser
December 12, 2015
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All along, Donald Trump has played with the idea, or if you like, the threat of running for President as an Independent. Now Dr. Ben Carson is saying he might do just that. To which I say, YES! Go for it.

I have been sick of this two party charade of a honest election for a long, long time. Yes, I know there are third party choices out there, but the Democrats and Republicans have done everything they can to keep those other choices out of the view of the American electorate.

However, if a Donald Trump or even a Ben Carson decided to run on his own name without a party affiliation, I think just for the audience viewing numbers they both would get plenty of media air time. We should all know that America’s presidential elections are all about making big money for the media. That is why they are stretched out to about two years now and a multitude of debates that end in a week long convention celebration for both parties on different dates. Imagine if you would the number of people who would tune it to a Trump, Carson, Cruz, Clinton debate this coming fall.

It seems that Trump is seeing the work the National Republican Party is doing to stop him from running away with their primary election. Ben Carson is upset about reports that the National Party will figure out a way to have a Brokered Convention and play games with delegate counts. Remember, ‚ÄúSmoke-filled Back-Rooms” where earlier candidates were chosen by the party hierarchy? Here is what Dr. Carson had to say about that:

“If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning,” Carson said in a statement released by his campaign.

Carson said he prays the Post’s report is incorrect and threatened to leave the GOP. “If it is correct, every voter who is standing for change must know they are being betrayed. I won’t stand for it,” said Carson, who added that if the plot is accurate, “I assure you Donald Trump won’t be the only one leaving the party.”

I am sure most Americans know that there are powerful members of both the Republican and Democrat political parties who have way more influence on who becomes the parties’ candidate than just the average voter. “One man one vote” is not a motto used by either of the DNC or the RNC. They like the sound of it, but in real life those with the real power in either party feel they know what is best for the American people.

We all should realize that people who have worked their whole lives and in many cases have donated millions of dollars over the years to get to a position of authority in the political party of their choice are not about to let the voters decide who should be representing “their” party in the election for President.

I know they don’t think this is possible, but in a four-way race with the Donald, the Doctor, Hillary, and whoever is put up by the Republican power brokers, there is a good chance neither major party candidate would win.

Could Trump or Carson still run as an Independent? Here is what Fortune reports on that:

Historical precedent suggests it’s doable. Ross Perot didn’t launch his 1992 independent presidential bid until March of that year. He managed to appear on every ballot, ultimately earning close to 19% of the popular vote nationwide, the best independent showing in a presidential race in a century. In 1980, John Anderson contested a score of Republican primary events before dropping out in April to launch an independent bid. He managed to make every ballot, despite having missed a handful of filing deadlines. Pulling off this feat required him to win five lawsuits, including one, against Ohio, that went to the U.S. Supreme Court. “It can be done,” Winger says, “but it’s a lot of work.”

In my way of thinking (yes, I know) it would be a good thing if Donald or Ben or both decided to run as Independents. It would be wonderful to have a real choice for once in my life on whom I should vote for to be President of the United States.

Now, don’t even try and tell me that there is enough difference between Democrats and Republicans to make a difference. What we have are two War Parties, both owned by the Military Industrial Complex and Corporate America. On top of that both are subservient to Israel, “Our best ally and the only democracy in the Middle East.” God, I am sick of that line.

So, come on Donald and Ben, make a real change in American politics. Open up the process and let the American people vote. If you really want a commanding place in history, here is your chance.

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