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If Only George Would Read

The Religious Right Is Getting Delusional

Children Of The Dead Will Be Asking Why?

"A Bus Ticket Forward"

The December 24th and 25th Celebration, The Birth Of The Prince Of Peace

We Think The Terrorists Are Coming, But Don't Worry, Have A Nice Holiday

Only The Military Families Know The Truth

The Iraqi People Are Not Ignorant

An Open Letter To Wounded Veterans Of George Bush's War on Terrorism

It Is Time We All Say Thank You

Saddam's Capture, A Big Win For The Iraqi People, But Is It for Us?

We Are Terrorists When We Kill Children

Assassination Squads Should Surprise No One

WE Are Fools To Believe George

This Is The Same Tactic The Nazis Used WW II and One Of The Reasons We Lost In Vietnam

A Soldier's Nightmare

What Ever Happened To Homeland Security?

So Now We Are Doing Body Counts

I Suppose You Want Me To Thank You, But I'm Not Going To

How Much Is Your Child Worth?

In Five Minutes The United States Army Will Obliterate Your Home, What Will You Save?

Things That Bother Me ... In No Particular Order

Deaths In Iraq Must be Spectacular To Make Front Page

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

What Do You Say At A Time Like This?

Winning Their Hearts and Minds With Home Invasions

Bush's Next War May Very Well Be Nuclear

Iraq, October 20th to November 2nd

It Is Shameful

We Have Killed Too Many Iraqis To Win This War

All It Would Take Is One Short Request By The President

Will George Tear Our Country Apart Again With A Draft?

They Say We Can't Leave, I Say, What Difference Does It Make?

Looks Like We Are Losing Another One

Somebody Should Ask, Who Are They Dying For?

It Really Is Quite Sad, Our Troops, Are Fighting For Their Lives

George Is Willing To Sacrifice However Many of Our Troops It Takes

Is Washington Afraid of Iraqi Patriotism?

You Shouldn't Be Surprised When the President Lies

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

What Are We Doing Now?

You Might Find This Hard To Believe

How Long Can We Be On The Attack and Does It Make Us Safer?

Yeah, And Where Are Your Kids Going To Work?

Senator Norm Coleman, Out of Touch With Reality And Serving In The Senate

90 Percent Of Iraqis Hate Us And The Other 10 Percent Have Left Iraq


The Hurt Lasts For Ever

You Have To Know Things Are Not Going Right In Iraq

Things You Might Like To Know

Thanks For Explaining That To Us George

Washington Is Starting To Tell Stories

Troops Die, Because They Were Not Equipped For Combat

Some Soldiers Have Lost Three Limbs

We All Have To Start Thinking

They Want To Spend Borrowed Money and Stay in Iraq, But They Have No Idea What It Costs the Troops

A Soldier Willing To Risk Everything

It Is Your Choice, You Can Let Them Continue To Die or Campaign For Their Return

Do We Want A General?

President Bush Claims We Are Safer, But Do We Need the Secret Police?

Terrorism and War, Makes Some Americans A Lot of Money

Troops Make Mistakes When They Are Exhausted, Hot and Scared

Do We Really Want To Make September 11th A Holiday?

We Are Losing Our War On Terror

Washington Lies About Our Troops

Oh George, You Make Everything Sound So Good

Nobody Wants To Talk About Our War Crimes

"We Were Winning When I Left"

George, There Is A Way For You To Be A Hero

Labor Day, A Time To Think About Union Jobs. Are You Getting Paid For Your Time, Your Skills, and Your Body?

Getting Out While The Getting Is Good

President Bush Claims Victory As Young Americans Continue To Die

Why Can't They Tell Us What We Need To Do To Win

It Depends On What Side You Are Looking At It From

It's Time To Bring The Troops Home George

How Much Hate Can We Handle?

Was The Mission Accomplished?

Bush's Treatment Of Troops Questioned

American Troops Can Tell The Difference Between Supporting And Screwing

What Happens To the Troops When It Is 122 Degrees In Iraq?

American Mercenary Killed In Iraq

Someone Should Tell George About Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I Thought We Would Never Use Napalm Again

Reporting The Truth About American Wounded Should Be By Our Own Media

America Continues To Screw The Iraqi People

America Attacked Iraq, Because God Told George Bush To

America's All Volunteer Military Is Getting Older

Sometimes I Wonder, Is George Bush An American?

I Don't Think Washington Can Let Any Hussein Live

Paul Bremer Talks A Good Story

Another American Was Killed In Iraq,
But Nobody Cares Because We Killed Saddam's Sons

I Never Had A Credit Card With No Limit, But George Bush Thinks He Has One

Who Are We Bombing Tonight?

"I Don't Believe Anything They Say"

Surprise, Washington Lies To The Troops ... Again!

George's Nation Building Has Nothing To Do With Democracy

Show Us Some Maturity Would You George?

Bush, "Absolutely confident in the decision I made"

Many Americans Still Stand Up For Liberty

It Looks Like Terrorism To Me

President Bush Must Keep America Focused On War If He Wants A Second Term

If We Leave Now, We Go Out As Winners

George Is Losing His Luster

We Screwed This One Up Big Time

Every American Death In Iraq Is A Sacrifice

Looks Like Washington's Planners Are Going To Lose This One

American Soldiers Will Live With The Memory Of Killing Iraqi Civilians For A Lifetime

Just Thinking

One Country Can Start A War, It Takes Both Sides To End It

We Have Already Lost So Much

Last Week It Was Nine And Now It Is Twenty

A Little Perspective If You Please

What Did The Iraqi People Have To Pay For Their Liberation?

The Afghans and Iraqis Must Drive Our Occupying Army From Their Soil To Be Free

It Is Like Being In Limbo

Now They Say Saddam Was Rational

Can We Get Real Now?

This Is Going To Get Expensive

Sorry, Kids

George Is Still Lying About What Is Going On

Some Things Just Don't Add Up

PVT US MARINE CORPS Feb 19 1927 - Feb 19 1945

The Mission Was Not Accomplished

War Is Not Over For Iraqi Children

Just Thinking

A Little Drug Test For Homeland Security

SPECIAL COLUMN: The Only Time I Saw Him Cry

Not All Men Are Created Equal

The Arms Race Is Over And Still We Live In Fear

I Am Sorry, But George Knows Jack, About Ending A War

To Hell With What The Iraqi People Want

And We Call Ourselves Christians

Why Must They Spin Us?

It Is Still A Secret To Most Americans

American Troops, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Diplomats, Politicians, and Polls

Yes, I Will Keep Right On Writing

George Bush Knows

My America Is Getting Harder To Understand

It Looks Like Only The Iraqi People Get To Vote On The Bush Doctrine

What Did We Forget?

Is George Sacrificing Young Americans For Allah?


What Happens When Iraq Remembers?

Here Are The Questions

Could It Be Starting All Over Again?

Sick Of This War

Look Who Is Helping Us Now

Is The Cost Too High?

Take A Look Around And Be Thankful

Headlines Are Killing Us

I Think We May Have Lost This War

How Hot Will It Get?

You Bet I'm Angry

And Just Why Does It Upset Me

Yes We Killed Your Dad So You Could Be free

The Fact Is, This Is War

Some Things Every American Should Know

They Just Can't Quit Lying

Fancy Uniforms and Medals for Peace

President Bush Wants A Medal Too

Does It Matter If We Win The Vote?

Children Trapped In Your Mind

I Think We All Have A Right To Know

Yes, I Do Think This Is A Big Deal!

Are We Becoming The Merchants of Death?

Older Germans and Russians Know What Is Happening In America

Some Things We Don't Talk About

What Happens If We Lose The War?

America's Leaders Are Starting To Frighten Me

What Is One Man's Life Worth?

Now We Know Why We Couldn't See It

Some People Will Never Get It

"Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed"

How Many Remember Our Bombing Of Moscow?

George's Mercenary Army

A Marine Is Killed And Who Dies With Him?

TESTOSTERONE—Either They Are Shooting Or Snorting It

The Real Unanswered Question Still Is, Why Do They Hate Us?

We Are The War Nation Of The World

Secretary of State Colin Powell and What He Is Saying Now

Still Stuck In That Old Way Of Thinking

America Has Our Own War Crimes To Look At

Even The Men Of God Say War With Iraq Is Wrong

And They Keep Right On Lying

Keeping The Faith With Veterans

I Am Afraid Of War - President Bush Is Not

We Have A Time Table Here People

We Can Not Let You See That

The World's War Lord

George Bush Is Becoming An Embarrassment

Exit Strategy In Afghanistan?

What Is Going On Here?

A Person Should Be Proud To Protest War

America Needs To Earn The Respect Of Other Nations

One War At A Time

America Continues The Low Ball Game

Grasping At Straws

Can This Really Be America?

Honesty, Secrets, and Lies

New Year, Same Story

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