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George Bush is the Pot, Calling the Kettle Black

Something Happened In Ohio That Was Wrong

How Much Of Iraq Are We Going To Pay For?

Does It Make You Sick Too? We are Committing War Crimes

Try Walking in Another Fellows Shoes

Don't Bunch Up

Not Much Hope from George this Christmas Season

What Is Happening In Iraq Is A Crime

Donald Rumsfeld Had His Chance and He Blew it

Washington Should Try To Balance Our Checkbook

Some Things They Tell Us Are True
Some Things They Tell Us Are False
And Some Things They Just Don't Tell Us

There Still Are Anti-War Protest Victories

It Is a Big Deal, When Our Troops Will Complain To the Secretary of Defense

Thank You John McCain

Just Like Adolph Hitler, George Bush Creates His Own Warsaw Ghetto

I Don't Care About Ukraine

Well It Is About Time

Terrorists Don't Hate Freedom, They Want It

No, There Hasn't Been a Lull in the War on Terrorism

A Nuclear-Free Zone in the Middle East? .... Only if You Are Muslim

Thanksgiving—Giving Thanks

A Little Poverty Before Turkey Day

Thousands and Thousands of Troops Wounded, And Civilians Too

Today's Number is 1,221

I Don't Think George Bush Was Ordained By God to Be President

Washington Still Believes In the Glory of War

There Are Horrors In Every War

What Does Taking Fallujah Get Us?

Urban Renewal Bush Style

Something Isn't Right Here

I Have Heard All of This Someplace Before and I Remember the Little Parts

There are a Lot of Broken Hearted Soldiers in Iraq

It is the Pits Being in a Swing State

I Am Beginning To Think They Worship the Man

The More I Read, The Less I Trust George Bush

Tell Me, Are We Rotten Bastards or What?

Half Truths and False Hopes

Say It Isn't True George

I Think President Bush Was Whacked-out On Drugs

They Will Never Call It Mutiny, But The Troops Are Telling Us it Is Time To Go Home

But Mom, I Wasn't Lying, I Was Just Distorting the Facts

George Bush and John Kerry Don't Want You To Know This, But American Troops Are Dying in Iraq Every Day

Bush and Kerry Both Distort the Truth

Boy I Hope the Religious Right Does Not Get Into Peyote

Tens of Thousands Die, Because We Couldn't Wait

If You Vote For John Kerry, Don't Wear That "NO War" Button

So, Are You Really Voting Anti-War and Do You Want to Help the Peace Candidate?

Both of These Guys Scare Me

If George Bush Was Pro-life, Then I Could Vote For Him

It Is Only Going To Get Worse

Puppet Governments Don't Need Fair and Honest Elections

Helping the Middle East?

Our President Embarrasses Me

Who Gave Us The Right To Kill?

Some People Will do Anything

Terror Begets Terror

Is This Election a Setup?, Or Did Bush Pick Kerry to Run Against?

If Your Daddy's Rich, If Your Daddy's Powerful, You Won't Have To Go Either

If You Support the Troops, Can You Vote For John Kerry?

I Think America Has Forgotten Something

George Now Says We Can't Win

Who Really Likes Us Now?

This Election Is a Bad One

Why Are We On the Attack?

Sad to Say, Kerry Spoke the Truth

About Time, Bush Calls Off His Dogs

A Pox on Both of Their Houses

John Kerry Just Doesn't get It

Man, Are We High or What?

Who is Keeping George out of Touch?

Hard Question, Hard Answer

A Lot Of people Hurting Out There

I Am Going to Have a Real Hard Time Voting for John Kerry

If John Kerry's Medals Are Tainted, Does That Mean My Medals Are Tainted Too?


Still Crazy

America Has Fallen to Third World Status

Why Can't I Have A Candidate?

I Think George Is Going To Lose, But It Won't Be Democrats Who Defeat Him

Only Americans Have Been Fooled into Believing that We Have Given Iraq Back to Her People

OK Boys, It Is Time for Us to Go Home

You Know It Had To Happen

We Are So Lucky, That Some of Bush's Own People Are Thinking of America First

I Hope You Know That You Can't Trust Bush or His Administration

We Should Scrap the Every Day Pledge

Looking At It from a Different Perspective

Bush Lied and Our Soldiers Died

If We Continue the War on Terrorism with Bush's Tactics, We Will Lose

This Religion Thing Is Starting To Scare Me

Some Americans Get Richer and Some Families Suffer the Death of Their Child, While Washington Continues Its Role, as the "Merchants of Death"


Have American Politicians Become Our Nobility?

He May Be Commander in Chief, But George Bush Is No General

WE Paid Tribute To Those Veterans Who We Thought Won the War

Do We Really Have The Right To Say Anything?

I Want The Same Drugs They Are Giving George Bush

We Don't Know What We Are Doing Over There

Memorial Day 2004

Ah, Bullshit George

And You Can Never Wash Off All The Blood

Iraqis Say We Kill Civilians, While Central Command Says, No Way

How Long Will American Troops Pay For George Bush's War?

Have You Heard Any Good News Out of Washington Lately?, Or, Are We the Evil One?

I'm Not Buying It and Neither Will Anyone Else

A Soft Death

American Abuse in Iraq ... What Else Don't We Know?

Honor In War Is A Myth

What Is Wrong With Asking The Enlisted Man or Woman

We Have The Torture Chambers, Are Gas Chambers Next?

Bush and the Republicans are Out of Touch on These Two

Are American Soldiers and Marines Brainwashed? ... You Bet!

The United States of America Is Now Attacking Cities Filled With Civilians

I Have To Tell You I Am Getting Sick Of Iraq

Does The White House Understand What Democracy Is?

You Know It Isn't The Sons and Daughters Of The Rich Dying In George Bush's Wars

If You Think Jesus Christ Is Telling George Bush To Kill Kids, Then You Should Vote For Him

Wait A Minute George, What About Those Terrorists and the WMD?

The Iraqis Know The Shit Is Going To Hit The Fan Now

Hey, It Ain't My Fault

You Won't See This On the Evening News

America's New Battle Cry—Adopt Democracy or Die!

Washington ... Don't Worry Everyone Wants Us Here

In America, The Militant Cleric Might Be Your Local Minister, OR, It Is Starting To Look like A Religious War

George Bush Has Become ... The 21st Century Flip Flop Man

George Bush Is Pro-Choice

Starting To Form Some Opinions

Will It Be A Soldier or Marine That Ends This War In Iraq?

Running for President or Running for Commander in Chief?
Where Can the Anti-War Vote Go?

Starting to Talk About 9/11

Is It Starting to fall Apart for George Bush?

Does Anyone Remember, Compassionate Conservatism?

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do They Have To Start Already?

I Struck a Chord

The White House is No Longer Trustworthy

Keeping in Balance

Are We Easy or What?

We Claim That We Brought Liberation, But Afghan Women Still Immolate Themselves

George Finally Gets That Posse Saddled Again

A Republican Caucus, Or, This Is Going To Be One Mean and Dirty Campaign

They Call This Liberation? "Iraqis Receive U.S. Approval of Constitution"

American Veterans Have to Fight Again

My Vocabulary Is Not Adequate To the Task As I Describe George Bush as Vile

What Are the Republicans Trying to Hide?

3000 Martyrs for Zionism

I Really Think America Is Going To Be All Right

Life is Precious, Let Us Not Waste It

A Second look At John Kerry

And We Call This Liberation?

What Are We Doing To The Marines?

Is the White House in a Bit of a Panic? Or Has America Discovered George Bush is a Classic Example of a Military "Wannabe"

They Will Listen

They Will Hate Us For Many Years To Come

Shame On Washington and Shame On Us Too

Bush Still Knows How To Dance

The Realities of War


George Bush Is So Addicted to Spending, He Is Making Our Children Co-sign His Loans

Is There Anyone In Washington Telling The Truth?

Why Isn't The President Upset?

Let's Be Honest About War And Civilian Deaths

I Couldn't Care Less About Gay Marriages

How Many Iraqi Women Are Getting Raped?

Some Don't Care

Which Union George? Yours or Mine

Shocked? Not After Three Years with George Bush

You Have To Follow the Money

This Is Getting Sickening

Iraq Will Have the Freedom and Democracy We Give Them

Trained To Kill

We Really Should Be Honest With Ourselves

Warning! If You Are An American Working Man, George Bush Is Trying To Impregnate You

"Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came"

American Nice

Have We Lost the Perception of Government Honesty?

Americans Priorities Are Awry

Warning! This is an Election Year

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