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President Bush is Working Hard and Declaring Progress

Take a Look at George Bush

The Military is in a Shambles and Headed for a Calamity

If I Were Back in Northern Minnesota, I'd be saying George Bush is Pig-Headed

You Won't Read This in Your Newspaper

If I Were a Prisoner at Guantanamo Bay,
I would Want America To Kill Me

This and That

Will George Bush Be Listed Among the Mass Murderers?

Who Is Telling the Truth?

"Pride Goeth Before Destruction"

79 Recommendations Are About 78 Too Many

Thirty Some Years Later and Some Days It Seems Like Yesterday

George Bush's Sanity

It Looks Official To Me: No One In Washington Supports the Troops

George Got Snubbed by a Puppet

Try Googling "Impeach Bush"

It Is Time To Start Impeachment

Do You Know Who Died?

I would Say Stay In Iraq If...

Turkey Day

Do You Want A Draft or A Mercenary Army?

McCain Says 20,000 More Troops
I Say, Bring Back Saddam or Someone Like Him

And We Are Waiting For What?

Monday, Four More GIs Killed in Iraq

It Is Official, They Had No Plan

Made in America on the Rise

I Don't Know About You, But I Voted To Stop the War!

Just How Many Deaths Will It Take?

Can You Believe It?....They Lied Again

Sorrow in America

Like the Eveready Bunny War Costs Keep Going, and Going, and Going

Nations No Longer Fear America's Military Might

You Ever Wonder Why the Generals Don't Ask For More Troops?

Really Now, It Is Time to Wake Up America

I Think It Is Called, Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch

And How Many Casualties Do You Think There Are?

One Answer to Vance's "Supporting the Troops"

"Failure to Tell the Truth"


How Long Can Iraq Stay On The Brink?

"Thank You for Your Service"

George Bush is Fighting for America's Right to Rape and Torture

I Don't Know, But I think He Could Be

Common Sense and Fences

We Are Fighting Them Over There,
So We Don't Have To Fight Them Over Here

It Is Never Right To Do Wrong In Order To Get A Chance To Do Right

Dead Bodies in Baghdad

OK Now, Who Repealed Reagan's Paperwork Reduction Act?


You Would Think They Would Know By Now

Politics and a Lot of It

Bush Raises bin Laden to Statesman Level

The War is Lost, At Least in Parts of the South

We Got Hacked

You Are Going To Solve What?

Are The Troops Dying In Vain?

George Doesn't Want To Be Remembered As a Loser

America's All Volunteer Military Is a Thing of The Past

Can You Say, CHINA?

The Least of These My Brethren

We Have a Choice

If Bush Can Claim an Israeli Victory in Lebanon, It Won't Be Long Before He Claims Victory in Iraq

I Know, It Makes No Sense

Think About This

I Wonder What's Happenin' in Iraq?

We Do Have Laws Against War Crimes, At Least We Do Right Now

Christians on the Run

Hey, Don't Tell Anybody, but Bush Wants More Immigrants

George Wants More and More Power

9-11? .... They Could Have

Even though Some Are Terrorists, I Have To Admire Them

American Soldier, "All I Want Is Out"

It Is Sunday Morning, And, We Continue To Kill Muslim Children

What Is Coming Down The Pike?

No One Is Going to Make God Do Anything

We Might Have Won In Iraq If We Could Have Gotten Them Some Electricity

Now We Are Killing Children In Four Countries

Getting Past the Hype

The Terror War Will End, When We Quit Providing the Weapons

Americans Take Their Eye Off The Ball

You Know They Aren't Buying It

Where Do You Think Our Troops Are Tonight?

Nobody Likes To Talk About It, But They Still Hate Us

If American Troops Are Raping 14 Year Old Children in Iraq, Does That Mean We Are Employing Pedophiles in Our Military?

As Commander-in-Chief, George Should Step Down


Making a Run up North

It's Hard To Keep Your Principles When Your Son Is Killed, But Mr. Berg Did

Retraining Our Troops

With Bush As President, We Have Lost A Lot Of Our Freedom

Oh So Callous

Terrorists in Canada?

Iraq Will Be Better Off Without Us

Even Marines Have a Breaking Point

I hate Those Dirty Japs and Those Krauts Too

Memorial Day 2006

They Now Call It A Massacre

I Was Just Wondering

"American Torture Camps"

When American Troops Murder Civilians

Bonus Time for the Lobbyist

They Don't Get It

National Guard Troops Will Stand Down from the Border, When the Border Patrol Stands Up

You're Five Years Late George

It Sure Is Nice To Spend

Jesse Jackson's Spin

Why Couldn't We Make the First Move?

The President Sets the Example


Harder and Harder To Buy American

Sad To Say, We Are Losing It

Who Is Persecuting Whom?

Lack of Protests

Get Real!

This and That

It Doesn't Matter Which War You Were In

Dueling Generals

We Get To Vote On George Bush a Third Time!

What Happens When Everything the President Says Is a Lie?

Could George Bush Use Nuclear Weapons, And, Will George Finally Win One?

Thank You George, I Appreciate That

They Are Still Spinning It

We Are Under Attack!


Has Congress Become Window Dressing?

Will We Ever Pay For Our War Crimes?

The Truth Always Seems To Find A Way To Come Out

You Know It Was Going To Happen

No Civil War?

We are Facing a New Baby Boom

Bush Says No Civil War In Iraq, But....

This Is What Happens In War

Here He Goes Again

Three Years In It

Trusting In Our Leadership

Why Are We Pushing This Democracy Thing?

George Has No Concept of What He Has Done

MEDALS, They May Soon Be Like Shinny Brass Buttons

Can We Really Handle Three More Years of George Bush?

The Greatest Conspiracy Theory; 0r, Why the Junkies of the World Salute George Bush

Are the Democrats Going To Waste Another Election?

I Didn't Know It Either

Christian Nation?

Somebody Has Been Lying To the Troops

Why Does Washington Continue to Lie?, and: Protecting the Internet Is Akin To, Protecting America

Two Attacks, Two Responses

The World Asks, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Dead Marines No Longer Make the Headline

So Much for America's Belief in Democracy

They Hope the Story Dies Before Harry Does

Is Suicide Bombing Wrong? Is It Any Different?

Maybe it is good Dick never went to the Nam, Or, Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear


Nobody Wears Dress Blues at Gitmo Bay

If They Can't Handle a Cartoon

How Can Any Mother Support Bush's War?

Who Gave George the Credit Card?

Changes Made With a Gun Don't Always Work Out

Why Tuesday Night at 9 PM?

American Troop Deaths In Iraq Have Become Passe

We Are Learning From the Insurgents

A Picture Can Paint a Thousand Words, In This Case, Maybe Ten Thousand

Bush Rejects Democracy!

Yes, We Have Shot Ourselves in the Foot Again

If You Want To Support the Troops, Start Praying For Their Souls

Shakespeare Didn't Like Lying Either

What More Does George Want?

Can We Handle Three More Years of Bush?

Should Martin Luther King Day Be Called A National Holiday?

Something Does Not Jive With America's Media Reports on Bush's War

Faulty Intelligence Leads to More Murders

Could the Senate Republicans At Least Pretend To Do Their Job?

We Won't Let You Subvert the Freedom of Speech George

Moms Aren't Sending Cookies Anymore

New Crowd at the VAMC

Let's Screw the Muslims Again

George Bush Might Call Me a Defeatist...

It Just Sort Of Bothers Me

"Spreading Freedom and Peace", George's Way or Jesus' Way

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