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Remember This, It Is Never Your Fault!

With No Hope, Violence Will Continue

With America's Blessing, Israel Can Kill Whoever It Wants

Oh, Why Not, It's Christmas!, by Wanda Violet

This Really Angers Me

It's Hard To Know What To Do

You Know, We Are Never Going To Know

This Should Come As No Surprise

They Say They Can't Take A Pay Cut

Sometimes It Is Best To Laugh

I For Sure Don't Understand Investing

You Can Take Obama At His Word If You Like

Is Barack Obama Going To Do It George Bush's Way?

We Need More Than Our Infrastructure Rehabbed

Show Me The Money

Do We Need Combat Troops For Domestic Security?

Obama is Our Next President, But is He Really Anti-war?

I'm Sorry Barack, But You Are Just Going To Have To Wait

They Are Buying Guns At The Barbershop

Are We Getting Bush's Third Term?

The Rich - They Are Out Of Touch With America

What Weapons Are Best For Home Defense

Shame On The American Public
The Truth Is, Americans Don't Support The Troops

Who Won't We Bail Out?

We Changed Our Minds Again, Now We are Going to Give the Money Away

Veterans Day Is Pretty Cool If You Are Into Old War Movies

Just a Little Something Mainstream Media Won't Be Telling You

Biting Off More Than They Can Chew?

Bush Has No Torch to Pass On, But He Does Have a Shovel

We Reap What We Sow

Tick, Tick, Tick..........

When Deciding for Whom to Vote, it All Depends on Your Version of the Bible

Another Black Mark Against Obama

Some People Should Not Vote

Do You Remember The Soldiers?

Remember This, We Are Still The Super Power!

Are We Being Blackmailed to Vote For Obama?

There is a Difference

Man, Are They In For A Rude Awakening!

You Gotta Be Crazy

Well, We Know My Candidate Is Going To Lose

Are We Looking At A Role Reversal?

Barack and the Presidency, Great Expectations?

Who Do You Believe?

Ron Paul's Revolution Has Just Begun

It Looks Like Nobody Found The High Road This Year

Arguments I Have With Myself

Do You Think The Surge Is Working?

"You Got It All Wrong, This Isn't A Bailout"

Democracy Is Still Alive

The Democrats Succumb To Fear Again

Do You Trust Washington With Our Money?

Is The Surge Really Succeeding?

Wishy Washy

$700 Billion?

Watch Out! Washington Is In A Spending Frenzy

Something To Think About

Different Wars?

Sex Education At Five?

Things That Concern Me About Obama

Should Washington Tell Us When It Starts A New Illegal War?

A Couple of Things I Don't Understand

Washington Borrows More Money To Give Away

Now Obama Claims He Is Still A U.S. Senator

The Hurricane's Coming, The Hurricane's Coming!

The Democrats Are Not Antiwar


Nuclear Waste

Trusting In The Unknown

Big Government? Try Watching the License Plates

Obama, Pandering To The Electoral Masses

But Can We Trust Them?

Does It Matter Where Soldiers Die?

Here Is A Big Part Of The Problem

Can Anyone In Washington Count?

Peace Candidate Talks Tough

Is It Time To Start Tightening Our Belt?

Art Could Be the Answer

Are You Worried Too?

I Bet You Didn't Know This Either, We Could Already Be In a World War

What Kind Of A Choice Is This?

An Investment Tip for the Austrian School

Its Not Easy to Cross-over To A Third Party


What Did You Expect?

Holding On To Old Prices

What Do We Really Want?

Looks Like There Is Some George Bush In Barack Obama Too

Who Do You Think They Are Helping?

How Many Troops Does The Death of One Affect?


Only Forty Five?

Why Would Anyone Against George Bush's Wars Vote For a Democrat?

"Working Stiffs"

Enough Already!

Some Incredible Numbers

"Lock, Stock, and Barrel"

Lets Put Some Money Up

Have You Bought Any Books Lately?

Obama, McCain - What's the Difference

Now It's Prison Ships?

Will Obama Give The White House To McCain?

They Might Want To Write A Book Too

Surrender - Reality or Perception

Better Cannon Fodder

Let's Rename Memorial Day Again

Sorry, But Obama Is a Politician Too

"470 Mountains Blown Up and Leveled"

I Hope McCain Is Not Planning On the Veteran Vote

They Call Us The Great Satan

Making Child Soldiers

Enough About War and Politics — Let's Talk About Paper

They Can Take Your Kids, Heck, Now They Can Take You!

So You Think We Are Bringing Freedom To Iraq Do You?

We Are So Sorry

How Much Profit

I Bought Gas Today

Killing Our Troops

Still Treating Our Troops Like Shit

Do We Have A Candidate We Can Trust?

I Like Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Can We Sink Lower In The Eyes of The World?

Cheap Food, and It's Going To Cost Us

18 Veterans a Day, What a Horrible Loss

Americans Can't Even Imagine What Baghdad Is Like

I Really Can't Vote For Any of Them

This Column Explains It All

Like George Bush,
John McCain Has No Concept of How Federal Spending Works

What Do You Think Is Wrong?

I Think It Was A Marketing Thing

Are Multiple Combat Tours Akin To Russian Roulette?

With the Pentagon In Charge, Just How Safe Are We?
Capitalism is Alive and Well Where Ever Our Tax Dollars Are Spent

And One A Day Is Supposed To Be Good?

A Pox On Both Their Houses
It Is Time For Gore

Remember, We Are Voting For a Commander-in-Chief as Well as a President

Revisiting Obama's Speech on Race and Jeremiah Wright

A Problem In The Future

Barack, Even Jesse Jackson Knew America is a Rainbow

Don't Look To Washington For Help

George Bush's 3am Call Came at 9am

Man Are We Touchy or What?

Heartbreak! One in Eight Iraqi Children Die Before the Age of Five

George Thinks He Is "The War President,"
But History Will See Him As "The Torture President"



Come On John, Let's Get Back On the Straight Talk Express

It Happens Every Time

Who To Believe?

We Do It Too

Has America Become Evil?

Under the Current Commander-in-Chief, Our Military is Falling Apart

Another Federal Holiday

Wake Up Condoleezza

What Kind of Change?

Should Marine Recruiters Get Out of Town?

The Butcher's Bill Is Going Up, and We'll Be Paying It For Decades

A Few Things to Think About

Money Well Spent

Yeah Sure, We're Winning

What Kind of Ego Does It Take?

A Little Bit of a History Lesson

And I Bet You Thought You Were Safe

Send The Bill To Our Children

George's Last State of The Union Speech

You Gotta Check This Out

They've Been Lying for a Long Time

Tell Me, Are We In A Panic or What?

These Are Our Tax Dollars

May 11th Isn't All That Far Away, Or, The Day the Gestapo Was Reborn

Politicians Don't Give a Damn About Our Troops

Proud To Be An American?.... Yes, Most of the Time

Doesn't Friendly Fire Sound Nice?

Getting To Know Ron Paul

In America, Free and Fair Elections are a Thing of the Past
I'm Glad Hillary Won in New Hampshire

Do You Remember the Gulf of Tonkin Incident?

John McCain Just Doesn't Get It

Don't Impeach Bush, Impeach the Democrats

What Else Did They Hide?

Another Example of Washington's Treachery

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