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How a Man from the North Can Get Smitten by a Southern Woman
How She Hooked Me

So, Do You Think Anything Will Change?

It Hurts To See Young People Hurting

Whose Wasted Vote?

Things Can Get Real Dumb In The Combat Zone

I Don't Really Care About Big Bird

The Start of Fall in North Florida

What's a Wasted Vote?

Who Are You Going To Believe

Are We Losing That Dream?

They Make Me Sick

I Don't Understand the Lack of Moral Outrage

This Week We Buried Fourteen

Did Hollywood Cause It?

Half Mast

Antiwar Talk Can Be Depressing

We Sure Do Have a Lot of Hate In This Country

What's This About Our Troops?

Did it Rain? Yes It Rained!

I'd Be More Than Pissed

The American People Just Don't Get It

Where the Heck Is Ron Paul?

Hey, It Is An Election Year

Oh Crap, Now Obama Is Thanking Me

America Is Waking Up

Memorial Day Is Not For Our Veterans

Yeah, Let's Wait a While

What Happened To The Land of the Free?

I Remember One Wedding

Biggest Murder Trial In Our History

Everything Was Neat and Tidy

Six Million Dollar Trips to Afghanistan Are Too Much

Showing Respect

The Changing Image of the Police

What Has Happened To College Kids?

How Do You Live On a Minimum Wage?

We Violated What?

Washington Cuts Out the Check

I Thought Obama and Romney Were In Trouble,
But Really We Are the Ones In Trouble

Your War Never Fades Away

Because of Ron Paul, The Jig Is Up

Getting Myself Prepared

So Disappointing

I Have a Good Idea

Yes, You and Your Kids Have Every Right to Wear a Hoodie

Are We Ready?

I'd Be Pissed Too

Leon Panetta Knows How Flippy Our Troops Are

Well, Shame On Us

Tell the World We Are the Good Guys

Dumbing Down America

Are Gas Cap Locks Making A Comeback?

Need a Drink?

Military Service, a Resume Booster?

We Need Higher Taxes

Thinking About Ageing

So, Do Republicans Really Want To Win In November?

The Continuing Cost of War

The President and Congress Should Vacation Until the Election

Gray Days Aren't Really All That Bad

Oh, Do I Have Work To Do!


Imagine How Much "They" Hate the Internet

It Sounds Like Such A Good Idea, Eh?

If You Donated To Mitt or Newt, Florida Thanks You

Telephones, Computers, and the Like
And We Wonder Why Everyone Is Getting Fat

This and That
Hither and Yon

Sunshine and a Blue Sky Does Wonders for You

The Veterans Administration Health Care System Really Sucks
We Support Out Troops, Yeah Right

Getting Older

They Make It So Easy Now, There Is No Excuse

Listen Up Marine

Win or Lose, Ron Paul's Revolution Will Continue

Spring Yard Work

They Will Start Being Nice To Ron Paul Now

Where Are We Going?

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