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Presidents Lie

It Is Hard To Tell What We Have Lost in Iraq, And We Have That Right

We Are Destroying Much of What Was Good About Iraq

George Bush Has Made Lots of Mistakes

Bush Backers Say Two or Even Three Wrongs Can Make a Right

Mr. President, Congress Never Declared War

American Troops Are Bleeding For the Iraqi People

There Is No Compassion In George Bush

Iraq Has Enough Trained Troops, but They Were Not Trained By Us

Who In Their Right Mind Would Ever Trust George Bush or His Administration Again?

Church, The Last Truly Free Place In America?

Another Topic George Bush Refuses to Talk About

The World Is Not Going To Buy It

What Makes You Think the Troops Will Ever Come Home?

Fourteen More To Be Honored

George, Would You Please Start Talking To Me

Hillary Clinton Makes the Same Mistake Kerry Did

Now Bush Thinks We Should Call Them “Guest Workers”

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Just Something To Think About

Many Troops Will Suffer a Lifetime of Guilt

I'm Sorry John, You Are Just Too Late

If the Administration Says It's Monday, Check Your Calendar

Keeping The Troops Alive

Pride and Trust in America

Supporting the Troops With Words

Another Example of Why They Hate Us and Why We Don't Know About It

It No Longer Matters If It Is True or Not

"We Do Not Torture"—"George Bush"

"Hands That Shed Innocent Blood"

How Long Before Riots Start In This Country?

What We Need Is A New Government In Washington

Short and Simple

18 Purple Hearts A Day, Or, All That The President Asked For, They Have Given

A Need To Torture

Another George Bush Lie

Are Suicide Bombers That Hard To Comprehend?

I Don't Think They Died Heroes

Name Change

"They Have Hated Each Other For A Thousand Years"


What We See and What The World Sees, Are Two Different Things

One Year After Ivan

Taking a Trip Down to Bush Country

If You Are a Christian on the Religious Right, You Have Been Had

Republican or Democrat, It Doesn't Matter, You Can't Trust Them

Prisoner Abuse by the U.S. Military Should Be No Surprise

As Iraqis Stand Up, We Will Stand Down—George Bush 8/11/2005; What Does That Really Mean?

A Cynical Thought On Looting

Somebody Is Blowing Smoke

America's Blood Money

What Is Happening To Us?

An Aversion To Dead Bodies

Under the Cover of a Storm

Not Even A National Disaster Could End George's Vacation

Hurricanes Can Give Us A Glimpse of the Chaos of War

First Refugees

Looks Like The Dance Is Over

I'm Going Dancing

George, Adding To The Body Count Honors No One

Who Do You Follow, Your Minister or the Lord?

But Do We Have To Teach Them Everything?

George Is Batting 0 for 3

Something To Think About

Compassion, People Run For President on It

Wars Don't End When the Troops Come Home

George Bush's Bravado Is Killing American Troops

George, Wake Up! Don't Ever Make Someone's Mother Mad

It Would Be Unseemly For the President to Vacation Now

America Has An Aversion for Torture, The Bush Administration Does Not

Bush's Legacy to America: Coast to Coast, Memorials to the Dead

We Were Winning and Doing Nothing But Good In Vietnam Too

We Are Still Losing About Eighteen Americans A Day

I'm Sorry Dad

America is Still Talking Apples and Oranges

You Have To Know When To Fold Them

When Will America Start Acting Like A Christian Nation?

Protecting The Children

Are They Really That Horrible?

Short Takes

No Matter What, American Citizens Should Be Treated With Lawful Respect Here At Home

It Doesn't Matter, Pro-war or Anti-war, Republican or Democrat, The Fact Is, George Bush Is Killing Our Troops


Religious War?, Or, Are They Here Already?

Wounded Veterans Are Speaking Out

And Just Where Do We Get Off?

Now the Brits Know, "A Friend of My Enemy, is My Enemy"

To A Wounded Veteran

I Was Lied To Too

Killing Civilians, Nobody Wants to Talk About It

Does Anyone Really Know What Is going On In Iraq?

And This Is Going To Continue To Happen, No Matter What George Says

10,000 Years

Something To Think About

What's Another 1000 Dead Americans?

Trust Washington?

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

All Volunteer or Mercenary?

In America, Not Every Child Is Above Average

A War Is Never Over Until You Bring The Troops Home

It Is Now Time To Arrest Them All

Washington Can Now Say, We Never Did Flush that Koran, All We Did Was Piss On It

Innocent Blood, Is Innocent Blood

Expanding America's Aristocracy

Let's Shoot The Messenger Shall We

Forgive Him Lord, Because George Has No Idea of What He Is Talking About

Memorial Day

Hard When You Lose the Respect of Others, Harder Still, When You Lose Self Respect

American Media... America's Propaganda Machine

Some Will Pay a Heavy Price for What We Have Done

With Two Wars Going On, It Seems Like You Can Only Keep Your Eye On One At A Time

No Way Jim, Uh-Uh, Don't Blame Me

One Scotsman, Calls a Spade a Spade

We Will Rape Your Women, Heck We Will Rape Our Women, But, We Would Never Flush the Koran

George's War Is Not Working, or, There Is Blood On All Of Our Hands

I Guess It Had To Start Some Time

What the Hell, We Might As Well Kill Some More Marines

The Right Is Blurring the Line

America Walks Away From Christianity

Sexual Abuse by Americans in Iraq's Prisons Should Be No Surprise

And Whose Mass Graves Are They Finding?

Luckily They Were Only Wounded

Life Can Be Wonderful Without That Ring

In Some Parts of America... Christ = Money

And the Rich Live On the Hill

Red State, Blue State?, or Are We In The Bible Belt Now?

On The Road Looking For Answers

Protecting America

George Might Get Us All Killed

Psst, Keep It Quiet... Bush's War On Terror Is Still Taking American Lives

So, Where Did The Nazis Get Their Concentration Camp Guards? The Same Place We Do... The Army

Record Low for the Republican Party

Some Hard Questions For Us

A Different Thought On Gay Marriage

Money, Where is it Taking Us?

I Hope Our President Just Isn't Getting It

Don't Be Fooled, Gay Marriage is a Red Herring

Putting a Price on American War Dead

American War Crime

Looking At Us from the Outside

Things Are Sometimes Not What They Seem


The World Is Ours to Alienate

The Ten Commandments and What Are They Costing Us This Time

Another Example of What the World Knows and We Don't

Now Really, Who Can We Believe?

A Man's War Never Ends

It Is Still a Question of Honesty

We Are Becoming Two Americas

I Don't Want To Be An Alarmist, but....

Political Speak

This Explains It All... Bush Administration is Clairvoyant

They Are Thinking About Iran and We Can't Even Take Baghdad


We Are Still Free

It Is A Shame, But Much of the World Looks at Us as the Terrorists, And Our Attackers of September 11th as Freedom Fighters

Are They Taking the Security out of Social Security?

Trust is Essential if Government is to Work

So Many Americans Delude Themselves

Some Things to Think About

If it wasn't so filled with Horror, Death, and Destruction, Iraq Would Be Comical... Election and All


President Bush Wants History to Judge Him a Hero

In Today's World Does Abortion Seem That Wrong?

See the Bush Administration Freak Out

It Seems like Everything Hinges on the Election

Call Me a Chauvinist Pig if You Want

I Am Religious, but I Am Certainly Not On the Right

George Bush Is Living In Never Never Land

Reputations are Hard to get Back

The United States Needs at Least Two Parties Again

How Much Will We Pay For Iraq's Inaugural Party?

How Many Times Must They Answer the Call to Arms George?

You Should Mark This One Down

You Know What? We Are In A Bigger War Than Washington Lets On

Do You Remember That, "Bring Em On" Speech?

Soldiers Can Suffer for a Lifetime, When They Pull That Trigger and a Civilian Dies

George Bush Will Be Killing More Kids This Year

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