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Words From Some Black People
Words That We All Should Think About

Our President Does Not Understand Debt

The Government Christmas Present
Can We Buy Your Vote?

Don't Kid Yourself,
We Have Not Seen the Last American Death From the Iraq War

There's No Place Like Home

Some Trepidation
Some Things to Do

So, How Much Is Your Fair Share?

Is the Republican Campaign a Cover-up?

What's With All the Titles?

Meditating or Gardening

So There!

Ahhh, the Old Numbers Game Again

I Don't Understand the Younger Generation

An Eye Opening Column, By Victor Hanson

I Think Our Problem Is Hate

Which Is It?

Government Shutdown?

Focus On The Positive

I Think We Know The Problem

Ted Rall Says It Well

Whuddya Do?

I Believe The Right Wing Media Is Afraid

In Answer To A Question

Retired People Seem Happier

A Great Sensible Column By Fred Reed

They Will Hit the Streets For the Economy,
But Care Nothing About Our Wars

Made in America?

Americans Are Way Too Busy

Politics In America Is Boring

How Long Before Everybody Catches On?

Maybe You Should Think About This...
Ron Paul Does Not Exist

Just Thinking

Both Political Parties are Delusional

Protesting Isn't Easy, Nor Is It Cheap

"By and By Lord, By and By"

It's Nice Because It's Not Just Me Anymore

Worried? So Let's Default On Our Debt Now

It's Frustrating Because They Just Will Not Cooperate

It Really Makes Me Wonder Who Controls Things
Are You Scared Yet?

Divided We Fall

Obama Might Be Worried About His Reelection,
But He Sure Doesn't Care About The Blood On His Hands

Some Times You Don't Know What To Do

What Is Going To Happen After All The Older Workers Die?

I Really Thought We Did This Before

Our Revenge For 9/11 Has Been Expensive

VA Appointment Day

I Am Sick Of Words

What The Heck Is He Waiting For?

Just So You Know, You Will Never Really Own Your Home

You Never Know

Really, Why Does Anybody Care?

Is Inflation Eating Into Your Pay Check?

Just A Note

I Guess There Is No Hurry

Some Americans Can Still Think For Themselves

I Don't Know What This Tells Us

Nobody Is Going To Let Ron Paul Get His Message Out

"Remember the Maine!"

So Here Goes

Well, That Addiction Still Has Us

Should We Laugh or Should We Cry?

Thomas Jefferson Knew What Could Happen

America Needs New Leadership

Dorothy Was Right, There Is No Place Like Home

He Has Lost His Luster, But So Has Everyone Else


Cutting Across the Country To Minnesota

Get Ready For The Smoke and Mirrors

I Guess Now We can Say...

An Obscure Quote from a Obscure Movie Sums It All Up For Many Veterans

Pointing Fingers

Rich People, and Roving Bands of Young Criminals

What Kind Of Training Are We Doing In Afghanistan?

We Have Been killing Little Children For Ten Years Now

The Media Propaganda Plan is Working

So, You Say Your Boy Signed Up, Eh?

That Little Foot

I Need Help, and You Have To Pay Me While I Get It

Bomb Them To Save Them

There Is A Lot Of Hate In This Country

Buying Local Food and Growing It Seems Like a Good Idea
What kind of Fertilizers Do Those Spanish Farmers Put On Their Crops?

Followers of Both Political Parties Drink The Kool-Aid

I'm Sorry, But I'm a Little Jaded When It Comes To Memorial Day

Land of the Free?

And I Thought We Were There To Protect Civilians

Stirring the Pot
Ever Wonder Where All These Small Countries Get Their Weapons?


It Just Doesn't Make Sense

Really, What Can You Say?

The Trouble Is, Our Government Does not Know How To Tell the Truth

We No Longer Honor Our Veterans

Killing By Choice

Just Thinking About It

I Don't Know Why, But I Just Don't Care

So, Does Revenge Feel Good?

We Killed His Grandchildren

Quick, Look Over There, Look Over There

You Might Not Know It, But We Got Us A War Going On

The Elephant In The Room

I Would Like To Believe Him, But I Can't

How Long Before We Bring Them Home?

Really, They Don't Care

It Is the Democratic Party's Fault

A Good Column To Ponder

So, Are We Going To Keep Spending?

So Why Do We Have A Congress?

We Have To Save Those People Over There

We Need 10 Million Unskilled Jobs—Now!

How Many Combat Tours Before You Flip Out?

War or Humanitarian Effort?

The Pendulum Has Reached Its Arc

Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I Sure Wouldn't Call Them Heroes

Something We Should All Know

Something To Think About

The Democrats and the Unions Don't Want You To Know This:
The Republicans Won The Last Election In Wisconsin

We Are The Union, Mighty, Mighty Union

Americans Are So Foolish

Being A Kid Again

Something I Don't Understand

For Washington, It Is a Big Game With No Ending

Obama Has Plan, But It Isn't Adding Up

Why Worry?
I Guess Everything Is Just Peachy

Change Is Going To Be Hard For Many

A Good Explanation

World Events Cover Up a Lot of Things

Just A Thought

I'm Afraid We Are Going To See a Lot More Of This

Yes, Egypt Is Important, But What About America?

When Are We Going To Butt Out?

Obama's View

I Guess We Don't Have The Right

Something We Should All Ponder
Has Obama Gone Too Far?

What Now?

Man, They Are Still On That Shooting

The Story of My Short-Lived Freedom From Paperwork.
Paper Work, I Hate It!

Go Home!

Rational from Irrational?

Why The Poor Are Invisible To Politicians

They Are Not Going To Let It Go

This Explains It

Repeal or Resign

Dead Birds

Another Media Rant
Why The Internet Is So Needed

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