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So, Now They Are Warriors

"Listen, We Screwed Up Big Time, But I Have a Golf Game To Play Now"

They Still Hate Us

Trying To Be Sneaky

Why Even Have A Vote?

A Very Sad Christmas Season For Many

I Want A Government Job

I Think Obama Waited Too Long

Christian Nation

We Really Are In Trouble

What War Leaves Us

"No Titular Nobility"

Word Games

Al-Qaida Has Gotten More Powerful

Obama, The War President

New Chickenhawks?

Really Now, It Looks Like a Hoax to Me

Turkey Day In the South

What's The Rush?

Certainly Worth a Try

Even Michael Moore Knows the Democrat Health Care Bill Is A Scam

Is America About To Fall Apart?

Obama, In The Middle Of A Lie

We Would Like To Thank All The Veterans Who Work For The Government or A Bank

Why War? Because We Elect Politicians

So, How Much Do You Trust Our Government?

Get This, Dennis Kucinich Voted No

Some Hate Us and Some Fear Us

What Happens If You Don't Have a Pen?

At The Beach

Who Works For Whom?

I Hope You Aren't Buying The 3.5%

Go Ahead, Say I'm, Crazy

Did They?

Peace Is Not Even An Option

What A Shame, George Bush Gave Obama Our Credit Card

Is Obama Flipping Out?

Mr. President, Our Troops Are Dying!

Bill Moyers Essay

Here Is Something To Read

Our Government Is So Split, We Will Never Get Back On Track
We Now Have A Pro-Rape Party

Do You Think This Health Care Bill Is For Us?

Hard Times and Hard Jobs

The Rest Of The World Has Their Own Media

They Are Still Dying

Lost To History

Have You Heard Any Debate?

Who Decides If The Recession Is Over?

Somebody Needs To Be Fired!

It's Called, Pulling A Fast One

What Can We Win?

What Is This Fear We Have of Iran?
Are We Starting Our Own Domino Theory?

Whose World Does Our President Live In?

It Isn't Racism, It Is the Sick Feeling Americans Have

Not 9/11 Again

A Word To Think About

They Just Can't Stop Spending

You Want To Talk About Myths Do You?

The Man Was Not a Saint

Now We Know

Easy and Fun Too!

Isn't It Nice That All Is Hunky-dory?

I Don't know What All The Fuss Is

War Gets Ugly

I'm Feeling Bad For The Democrats

Is America Helping To Make Afghan Women the Sexual Slaves of Their Husbands?
Does Obama Defend This By Keeping Our troops There?

President Obama Caught In a Lie

Sick of the Whole Thing

Reading and Thinking

It All Depends On Whom You Trust

Washington Is Screwing America's Working Poor

And You Thought George Bush Was Bad

We Have No Trust

We Can't leave Iraq, They Don't Have An Air Force

It All Depends On How You Look At It,
But The Truth Is Still The Truth

Paying To Guard Our Military


Tell Me, What's the Rush?

Would Somebody Wake Up Our Secretary of Defense?

1,018 Pages and That Is Just The Start

Would You People Quit Wasting Our Time?

Things Are Headed The Wrong Way

They Are Still Buying

Working On The AC

We Have Reached Racial Equality In America

And Those Seven American Soldiers Died Defending What?

These Words Will Make You Think of the Future

A Reply To Questions About Universal Health Care

Who Makes The Money?

Marie Marchand is Right

On My High Horse - We Can't Afford It, That's Why

Stripping Our Education To The Bone

Passing On A Column

I Just Don't Care

A Lamebrained Idea


Go On, Say it Jim

Now Here Is A Lovely Idea
That is Sure To Endear Us To The Rest Of The World

I Think "Spendthrift," is the Word We Are Looking For

Maybe We Need A Little Gun Control

Watch This

It's All About the Money

Who Wins At General Motors?

Do They Want Our Children To Be Dumb?

Who Is Obama Keeping Those Photographs From and Why?

"Do As I Say, Not As I Do"


What Do They Expect?

You Know, You Gotta Have A Plan

Many On the Left Fear Firearms

"Barack Obama Has Become George Bush"

Dipsy Dumpster Story

Who Does Take Responsibility?

And Still They Believe What Washington Says/Remembering Growing Up With My Mom

We Will Go On Killing Under Obama

I Cried Today

What Do You Think, Does Obama Have a Religious War On His Hands?

It Will Take Patience

The "First Hundred Days" is a Media Ploy to Increase Advertising

The Military Culture

This is America, Then and Now

You Sir, Are A Racist!

Mexico's Problem Is Not The Guns

Not Enough Noise, and Surely Not Enough People


Whose Tea Party Is It Anyway?

Our Government Is Getting Us Ready

At Work Thinking

Obama and Trickle-down Economics

I Always Wonder

Just Where Is President Obama Leading Us?

The Wealthy in America Know What They Have To Do

How Much Do You Think It Costs?

Now I Want President Obama To Fail

The Emperor Has Clothes, But He Has No Money

I Have To Ask, Why Do We Trust Them?

Everybody Is Boring Some Times

Revolution or Riot?

I Can't Buy This

The Fix Is In With Our Media

President Obama Has Now Alienated the Veteran Community

If They Are Too Big To Fail
What Has Obama Done To Make Them Smaller?

Too Much Money

President Obama Needs To Do More Homework On Education

You Have To Have a Hook

Let's Talk About Important Stuff

Where Does the Stimulus Money Really Go?

In The Land of the Free?

I Vote For Universal Health Care

Speaking to Congress

There Is A Silver Lining

George Bush Spent Us Into the Hole We Are In,
Barack Obama Plans To Spend Us Out of It

Now This Is A Plan?

I Just Don't Know How We Can Keep Doing It

Did You Have To Work Yesterday?

Which Barack Obama Did You Vote For?

And to Think Barack Obama Won the Antiwar Vote

I figured It Out

Why Are We Trusting Congress?

I Hate It When They Use Fear To Get Their Way

Would Someone Please Wake Barack Obama Up

You're Fired!

I Don't Know If We Can Trust Obama With Hiring Staff

Let's Let Obama Take the Lead

Wagyu Steaks?

I Have To Say No To Any Stimulus Package

Okay, I'm Taking Obama At His Word

And You Thought It Was Your Money

Something We Should Remember

I Must say, My Hat's Off To Barack Obama

I Vote We Fry The Guy

It Was A Good Speech

Today Is The Big Day

Tell Me, Does The Media Love Obama or What?

I Have To say, Congress Makes Me Want To Puke

A Thank You Note

The Horror of War Sticks With You

To The World, We Are Israel

There Won't Be Any Changes With Barack Obama In Office

It IS Hard To Get A Grasp Of The Situation

Who Is In Charge of Whom?

New Year's Eve, and Filled With Resolutions

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