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Whom Do You Think Hillary Will Represent?

Privacy is Abolished in America

I Should Be Writing About Christmas

And We Are Telling The World What To Do?

Who Is Running This War?

Did You Know The Marines Are In Djibouti?

The Second American Revolution

Our Military Is Keeping George Bush Out of Prison

Congress Wonders About Veteran Suicides

Well Worth Watching

Really On the Dole

What Are We Afraid Of?

This Is What They Call Better

Who Do We Think We Are?


Bush Able To Destroy Christianity In Iraq

Why Probe Russian Elections, When We Don't Probe Our Own

They Continue To Lie

Wars With Third World Countries Are Money Makers

Losing Your Self-Respect

Really, What Is Going On?

Why I Am Thankful

1.6 Per Day

It Might Be Too Late To Wake Up

Veterans for Peace

Our Dictators Always Seem To Run Amok

Why Does A Nuclear Iran Equal World War III?

Who Better To Speak the Truth?

It is Vacation Time Again

Times Are Tough For Half of All Americans

I Believe George Bush and Congress Are Destroying America

Who Cares?

As Evil As He Is, George Bush Comes Across As A Goofball

Keeping Your Kids Out of the Combat Zone

I'm Thinking Term Limits Are Sounding Pretty Good Again

The Truth Has a Way of Coming Out

They Said This Is a Good Month

Iraq Is Going Keep Right On Costing Us for Decades

Another Day in Iraq


Columbia University Makes Iranian President a Hero in the Middle East

Republicans Hope and Pray for a Hillary Nomination

These Senators Voted Against the Troops

How Do We Honor Our Veterans?

Are Our Troops Dying in Vain?

As We All Knew, Bush's Iraq War is For the Oil

Here's the Story

Thirteen American Troops Died In Iraq Yesterday, While the General Bought More Time

An Impolite Question For General Petraeus

I Am Afraid Jesus Christ And American Christianity Are Not All That Compatible

Tearing At Our Heart Strings

Get Ready For The Blizzard, Because George Is Going To Try Another Snow Job

Now We Are Sneaking Into Iraq?

A Law Created By George Bush

Larry Craig, Too Stupid to be a United States Senator

The Man Lied, Washington Lies

What Can We Win?

Listen, If We Can't Support the Troops, We Should Pull Them

Rich Man, Poor Man

If Destroying Iraq Was Our Goal, We Have Reached It

Sergeant Bilko Knew How to Handle Congress

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I am heading up to Minnesota for a couple of weeks to take care of all the "stuff" that was put in storage for me after my house sold this past winter.

I have sorted through my past columns and am going to post the ones that received the most e-mail comments. I hope you enjoy reading them.

"Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed"

We Will Rape Your Women, Heck We Will Rape Our Women, But, We Would Never Flush the Koran

And You Can Never Wash Off All The Blood

Mother Nature Can Be One Mean Woman

"This Little Piggy Went To Market"

Learning From The Elders

I Was Lied To Too

We Were Winning and Doing Nothing But Good In Vietnam Too

Still Crazy

If George Bush Was Pro-life, Then I Could Vote For Him

Children Trapped In Your Mind

Feb 19 1927 - Feb 19 1945

The Hurt Lasts For Ever

An Open Letter To Wounded Veterans Of George Bush's War on Terrorism

Killing A Child Any Place, Any Time, Is A Terrorist Act

Could George Bush Be The Antichrist?

Officers Will Walk Over Your Dead Body To Get A Promotion

When the Adrenaline Hits

Getting Ready for Winter

Trust... A Tribute to Michael Schiavo

Once A Marine, Always A Marine

The Only Time I Saw Him Cry

Our Democratic Friends in the Middle East

So, Where Do You Vacation In Iraq?

Get This - Now We Are Worried About the Iraqis

Thousands of Children Molested, and Nobody Is Going To Jail

WARNING, Fighting In George Bush's Wars May Cause Suicide

Eight Trillion, Eight Hundred Seventy Nine Billion, Five Hundred Three Million, Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand, One Hundred Sixty Seven Dollars and 16/100

George, We Can't Wait For The Generals

Run Cindy Run!

Family Values

Scooter Knew too Much to Be Sent to the Slammer

One Of The Things Wrong With Us

When Presidents Lie

There are Children in Our War Zone

A Reality Check On Immigration

I'm Sorry, But You Have To Be Pretty Stupid To Send Your Kid To Iraq

Foreign Civilian Deaths Do Not Bother Americans

Do We Really Believe in Democracy?

I Know Where the Mexicans Are

Conference of the Lambs

I Don't Want a National ID Card System

"Blessed are the Peacemakers"

I Really Have To Tell You

Scary Things

Little Children

Just Who Do We Think We Are?

Forgiving George Bush

If You Are Anti-war, It is Time to Walk Away From the Democrats

Now Does This Make You Proud?

Five, Six, Seven

Ron Paul, You Can Sign Me Up!

What is Victory in Iraq?

We Got Ourselves a Real War in Iraq

It's Hard to Figure Things Out When You Are in the Combat Zone

How Many Troops Do You Think We Have Lost?

How Much Is Your Loved One Worth?

Congress Can't Do It Either

Just Thinking

Wonder No Longer

Even Puppets Cut Their Strings

How Things Change

Why Don't They Ever Ask the Hard Questions?

So, We Are Waiting Until September

McCain's Announcement is Anticlimactical

Gated Communities

Here We Go Again

A Couple of Things to Think About

Wouldn't You Just Know It?

Leaving Iraq Will Not Be Easy, nor Will It Be Cheap

Innocent Death Comes To America Too

So Out of Touch

Forgiving Don Imus
What's a Christian to Do?

How George Bush Plans to Avoid Defeat
"We Were Winning When I Was in Charge"

It is Time for McCain to Drop Out
We Sure Don't Need Another Liar in the White House

Need I Say More?

Sometimes I think Iraq is Just a Ruse

Which Voters Do You Represent, George?

Good Neighbors

Who Are You Going To Believe?

Was America's Media Bamboozled, or Is It Just Stupid?

It Looks like Iraq Really is a Bloodbath

We Should Worry About Our Security

By All Accounts—It's Gone

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 9

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 8

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 7

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 6

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 5

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 4

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 3: Tomah, Wisconsin

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff, Part 2: Starting on the Path

Yes, PTSD is Scary Stuff

Bush Desecrates Mayan Holy Ground

Equal Justice?

We Are Still Killing Kids in Afghanistan

Now We Know

Abuse of Veterans is not Limited to Walter Reed

George Bush Continues to Screw Over Our Wounded Troops

Is This the Future We Are Making for Our Children?

Dictators, Deciders, and Despots Don't Have to Show Compassion

A Week of Violence for the Iraqi People

American Troops in Iraq are Dying at a Faster Rate than Ever Before

Do You Think We Are Losing in Afghanistan?

Don't Kid Yourself, Washington Screws Over the Troops

Great, Just What We Need, Another President in Denial

Iran Hides Iraq, Iraq Hides Afghanistan, and the War on Terror Continues

It Will Be Hard On Iraqi Vets

George Has Lost His Base

I Think George Bush's War Is Over

It's Only Money Isn't It?

Realism Snaps Me Back from My Idealism

Need I Say More?

It's Called Shooting Yourself in the Foot

George Bush Has Two More Years to Destroy America

This and That

Hey Marine, Heads Up!

There Is Still Only One Question to Ask

Knowing Your Enemy

What Is The State of Your Union?

My Notes from George's State of the Union Speech, Or, All We Are Asking, Is To Give War A Chance

It Could Just Be Hype

Waiting in Fear

How Many Troops Have Died For Lack of Equipment?

Iraq Hides Many Things

Our Two Top Guys in Washington Are As Scary As All Get Out

Are Iraqis Slow Learners?

This Surge Thing Might Just Work

George Is Going To Make His Pitch Tonight

Heck Let's Kill Them, After All They Are Just Muslims Anyway

You Want To Know Why American Troops are Dying in Iraq?

Welcome To Our Police State

Why Did We Vote for a Democrat?

Talking Tough Six Thousand Miles from the Front is Easy

Fighting Terrorism

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