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I Thought It Would Be Harder This Time Of Year

Chris Matthews Wants To See A Birth Certificate?

I Couldn't Do It

The Story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

It's Starting Again

Sooner or Later. Washington Is Going To Catch On

Corporations Love Cheap Labor

OK, So Where Is All the Spending Coming From

Maybe He Isn't The Orator We Thought He Was

Why So Much Money?

Divided America
The Haves and The Have-Nots

Racism Is Always a Tough One

You Would Think Somebody Would Resign

Should Wikileaks Be All That Bad?

I Think We Are Weak

What We Are Becoming or What We Have Become?

Why Scan Pilots?

So, When Should You Carry A Gun?

I Think It Bears Repeating (And Just How Many Countries Have We Attacked?)

In Just Seven Weeks, Your Child Will Be Ready For a Lifetime of Memories

12 In 8

Maybe It Wasn't The GOP, But The Tea Party That Won

They Had To Give Back the Keys,
Because They Didn't Know How To Get Out Of the Ditch

Media Shows Its True Colors

Elections Are a Good Way To Hide a War

It Is A Good Thing We Have Baseball

What Happens If You Have No One To Vote For?

Great Weekend

The Republicans Are Salivating

Working On The Tree House

So What Happens If The Republicans Do Win?

Both Sides Are Afraid Of Them

I'm Sick Of Our Television Media

We Lost Our Democracy Decades Ago

If Things Are Looking Up, Vote Incumbent

So Many Ways To Die

How Long Do Wars Last?

There's All Kinds Of Soldiers and Marines

Why Vote For Anybody?

It Just Isn't Fair

Don't Kid Yourself, This Is What All Wars Are Like

Have They Been Calling You?

It Looks Like We Are Teaching Them Our Way

Old Technology and New, Both Can Be Frustrating


Obama's New Stimulus Plan
Yes, It Is An Election Year

I Won't Vote For Either One

Obama Asked For The Job
When Does He Take Charge?

I Have A Couple of Questions

We Should All Watch This Again
Again and Again

It Is Getting Harder To Claim I'm Proud To Be An American

I Don't Care Whether or Not Obama is a Muslim

Too Hot

I Think This Is Wrong

Do You Trust Our Media?

Now It Is "Too Rich To Fail"

I'll Admit It. I Don't Know What Is Going On.

We Need a Media That Is Able To Think Like An Average American

Americans Will Never Understand It

Poof! It's Gone!

Bind Faith

I Think the Pentagon Is Sick

Here Is The Media Coverage the Rest of the World Sees

We are Cutting Our Own Throats

I Guess We Do Count Them

Well Sure They Will Condemn Their Release

Rachel Maddow Is Glenn Beck

Racism in America
How Blind Has The NAACP Gotten?

Wasted Money, Wasted Lives

We are Not Getting All The Numbers

We Are Losing Our Choices


This Is Sick

The Truth Is Now Coming Out From the Left

You Know They Don't Listen To The Radio

A Little Bit On Health Care Thrown In

People At The Bottom Right Here at Home

They Just Don't Care

Deserted City

Thank You General McChrystal

Taking a Look at America

It Really Is Hard To Listen To Any President Give A Speech

What's Our Cut?

While We Were Watching The Oil Gush Into The Gulf

Silly President, Have You Ever Kicked Anyone's Ass, Really?

Helen Thomas Has a Point, or, How the European Jews End Up In Palestine

I Don't Think Anybody Cares

A Column Well Worth Reading

We Couldn't Trust Washington Then, and We Can't Trust Washington Now

I Want To Thank You.... For What?

I'll Keep It Short

Putting the Media's Obsession With Rand Paul in Perspective

Congressmen Grayson's Illustration of the Cost of War

It's Time For a Change

Our President Is Such A Wuss

Eleven to One

America's Media—What They Are Writing and What They Left Out

I Think We Have Lost,
Most Americans Want Big Government

So, They Think Things Are Turning Around Do They

Do You Think Washington Politicians Know?

I Bet You Knew It

Our Immigration Problem In A Nutshell
A Gumball

So How Many Is Too Many?

Illegal Aliens?
What About Our Fellow Citizens In Arizona?

Inflation, Arizona, Obama's Debt Commission,
Our Federal Government Is Dishonest

Rule of Law

It's Time To Leave

This Article Says It All

Who's Afraid? I'm Not Afraid/Are Our Media Really This Dumb?

Obama's Trying To Put Controls On Wall Street Is A Joke On Us

Thank You, Laurence Vance

No Matter How They Spin It, We Got Beat

Democrats, "Let's Get This Bankruptcy Over With"

So, Maybe a Jobs Bill Isn't All That Important

Obama Takes Power Over the Life or Death of American Citizens

We Started With Afghanistan

We Are About To Be Scammed On A Jobs Report, Or, Happy Days Are Here Again, Really?

Who Is Sending Obama's Poll Numbers South?

The Hurdles Veterans Have To Jump Over, or, How The Military Order of the Purple Heart Treated One Veteran

Let's Face It, Right Now President Obama Cares Little For The Hourly Worker

It's Robin Hood Time Again

The Democrats Just Don't Get It

Kuninich and Stupak Lead Democrat Charge To Kill Single Payer, and, The Insurance Industry Is the Big Winner

Who Are They Voting For?

The New Health Care Bill May Save Money, But It Will Drive You Crazy

If Nobody Else Is Going To Talk About It, I Am

What Would You Do If You Owned An Insurance Company?

Another Week of Health Care

Oh Yeah... Sorry

I like This One/On A More Serious Note

Fool Me Once, Shame On You

It Is A New Day

What About Getting America Back To Work?

This Health Care Thing, I'm Just Sayin'

So, When Do We Stop Spending Our Children's Money?
Thank You, Senator Bunning

Some Stories Never Die—For Good Reason

Barack Obama Is Not As Sharp As We Thought

Let's Face It, It's The Republicans Fault

Old News?

Well, Surprise, Surprise, Here Is An Employment Fix

Pride in America is Fading Away

What Should I Watch?

I Was Just Wondering, Why All the Secrecy?

Iran's Nuclear Weapon

The Guy Just Doesn't Get It, Or, President To Low Wage Workers, "Go Screw Yourselves"

They Are Playing With the Numbers Again

It Sure Doesn't Matter What The People Think, Or, Child Abuse—Our Government Is Guilty

Somebody Is Powerful, Or, There's No News Like No News

Hey, As Long As We Are There, Let's Dig Around and See What We Can Find

Refurbishing The Kitchen, Or, How To Bankrupt America

We Have Been Doing It A Long Time Now

The State Of The Union.... Before and After - Where's the Change?

It Sounds Pretty Last Minute To Me
But He Knows What He Is Doing

More Than One A Day
For President Obama, Deficits Aren't That Bad
Please Let Me Spend For a While Longer

So, When Does President Obama Actually Work?

Harper's Magazine Comes Up With A Scoop

Some Day, a Department of Peace

What Are They Hiding Behind Haiti?

So, Who Is Getting The Money?

This Article Is So Interesting, I Had To Post It

Our Religious War

Apples to Oranges

Working In the Garden Today


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